SUDAN WATCH: Sudan expects no oil sanctions - Turn off the oil spigot!

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Sudan expects no oil sanctions - Turn off the oil spigot!

Sudan's oil minister said on Saturday he hoped to award a contract for a new refinery at the country's main port in two months. He told reporters he was not worried that plans to expand the country's oil industry would be disrupted because of threatened sanctionsover Darfur.

The Sudanese government felt that international pressure was diminishing, he added.

Here's calling on EU-US naval forces to get their destroyers and subs out to the Port of Sudan and turn off the oil spigot!

Arjun Singh agrees that as little as one well placed Naval destroyer could force the stonewalling.

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Thinking out of the box: Why not launch unilateral US military action to save lives in Darfur, Sudan?
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Danforth hails role of Americans' idealism in shaping foreign policy

STL Today: John Danforth said, after working the Sudan issue the past three years, first as President George W. Bush's special envoy and since June in the U.N. post, he had learned that when progress toward peace occurs, it is only through the will of a country's own people and leaders.

That doesn't mean U.S. policymakers don't benefit from the persistence of Americans demanding that the world's problems be addressed. "That idealism ... keeps pushing us and pushing us," he said. "It's so characteristically American. We should never lose it."


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