SUDAN WATCH: Khartoum agrees to "three days of tranquillity" starting Monday

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Khartoum agrees to "three days of tranquillity" starting Monday

A UN news report on Jan. 7 says at last week's JIM meeting, Jan Pronk, UN envoy to Sudan, expressed concern over increasing harassment of aid workers in Darfur.

Also, during the meeting, Sudanese government officials agreed to respect Mr. Pronk's request for "three days of tranquillity" starting Monday when a nationwide campaign [by WHO] begins to immunise nearly six million Sudanese children against polio.

As reported here a few days ago, 40,000 volunteers are to carry out the immunisation of six million children across Sudan. It's disappointing to find no news reports explaining the logisitics of such an operation. Where are the 40,000 volunteers arriving from, and how? How come within the space of three days outside agencies can reach millions of children in the Sudan but on all other days cannot get enough food, water and medicine to those most in need? Sudan expert Dr Eric Reeves and others say at least 10,000 people are dying in the camps each month because of malnutrition and disease.


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