SUDAN WATCH: South Sudan peace deal signed - Garang says if it is not implemented Sudan will break apart

Sunday, January 09, 2005

South Sudan peace deal signed - Garang says if it is not implemented Sudan will break apart

John Garang, leader of the new Government of South Sudan has a lot of work convincing those in the South to implement the peace agreement. And the Government of Sudan have to persuade northern opposition groups to accept the deal.

Mr Garang told a news conference yesterday that Sudan would be torn apart if today's peace agreement was not implemented.

"If this agreement is dishonoured then, of course, the country will break up," said Garang, who today signed the accord with Sudan's President Omar el-Beshir.

"But if it is implemented the way it is negotiated, there are good chances that the country can remain united," he said.

The comprehensive deal spells out how to share power and natural wealth, what to do with their armed forces during a six-year transition period and how to administer three disputed areas in central Sudan. After six years of autonomy, southerners will also be given a chance to decide whether to remain part of Sudan, or become independent.
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CORRECTION: Please note, Sudan's First Vice President Ali Osman Mohamed Taha and Sudan People's Liberation Movement leader John Garang signed the peace accord at a ceremony in Kenya's capital Nairobi, January 9, 2005. President Omar el-Beshir did not actually sign the accord. Apologies for error.
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UPDATE: On the peace deal signed today: after ratification, which must come in two weeks, negotiators will work on an interim national constitution that will allow the peace agreement to be implemented.

Please click here to read highlights of the agreement and here for other news sites listed in right sidebar at BBC News online. Sudan Tribune also has good coverage of the day's historic events concerning Sudan.


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