SUDAN WATCH: G8 Summit - Two fingers to America

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

G8 Summit - Two fingers to America

Intermission interruption. Light blogging continues. Just wanted to record this little gem: today, Lord Clive Soley published the following post on the July G8 Summit in Gleneagles, Scotland, UK:
"I am actually getting quite hopeful about the possibility of some progress on both Africa and global warming. Whatever else you think Tony Blair and Gordon Brown do seem to have set an agenda which is getting a real political response. It's too early to be sure so keep your fingers crossed!"
In the comments at Clive's, I posted this re Monjo's response to Hooman Majd's post at the Huffington blog:

Hello Clive, glad you are getting hopeful. Me too. Their agenda is getting really wide media coverage and creating a lot of debate in the blogosphere. Sir Bob Geldof and Bono et al are doing a great job generating G8 publicity and awareness among young people. Love the chaos of inviting hundreds of French to turn up by boat.

Here is an excerpt from one of the best posts by a blogger I've ever read:

***Tony Blair needs to develop a spine. We should definitely pull out from Iraq if the US won't comply with our wishes elsewhere. *** Let's remind America that we do not need the United States***

The post at The Monjo Blog, entitled "Two fingers to America" is authored by Geoffrey Roberts, a 25 year old blogger from Clacton, now living in Colchester. Wish I had written it:


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Technical nit: Clive is "Lord Soley", not "Lord Clive Soley". The latter style would indicate the son of a hereditary peer. Andrew Lloyd Webber was ennobled as Lord Lloyd-Webber as without the hyphen he would appear to be a young aristocrat called Lloyd.

Thursday, July 14, 2005  

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