Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Sudanese opposition leader to boycott interim government - EU is genuine security actor says NATO

Nairobi, Wed 1 Jun 2005 Deutsche Presse Agentur report via ReliefWeb. Excerpt:

A prominent Sudanese opposition leader has said that his party intends to boycott the interim government, which is due to be installed in July as part of the peace agreement between the Khartoum government and the southern former rebels.

Sadiq al-Mahdi, who heads the Umma party, was quoted by the British Broadcasting Corporation Wednesday as saying that the peace agreement was a deal between the Islamic government and the former SPLA rebels headed by John Garang, and neither was not democratically elected or representative of the people.

Representatives of the Umma party had been taking part in discussions on the interim constitution during the past few weeks.

Sadiq al-Mahdi is the last elected prime minister of Sudan. He led a coalition government until he was toppled in a coup in 1989. The man who overthrew him was military officer Omar al-Bashir, who is now Sudans president. Full Story - also at the BBC: Opposition rejects Sudan cabinet.
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Thousands risk starvation in south Sudan

Thousands risk starvation in south Sudan. WFP says donors' failure to honour their pledges is seriously hampering its operation to feed 3.2 million people in Sudan.

Sudan's former rebel group leader meets Egyptian president

Photo: Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, right, meets with John Garang, leader of southern Sudan's SPLM rebel group, at the Presidential palace in Cairo Wednesday, June 1, 2005. (AP Photo/Amr Nabil) Full Story: Sudan's Garang in Cairo for inclusion of exiled opposition in peace deal.
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EU is genuine security actor says NATO

Latest developments in Darfur underline the need for a 'genuine strategic partnership' between NATO and the European Union, NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said yesterday Tuesday, May 31.

"The European Union is a genuine security actor, there is no question about it. This is about making the Union a stronger partner, not a counterweight," he said. Full Story.

EU is a genuine strategic partner says NATO
Photo: NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer (AFP/File/Sven Nackstrand) Tue, May 31, 2005


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