SUDAN WATCH: Chad is co-mediator at Darfur peace talks

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Chad is co-mediator at Darfur peace talks

The present upsurge in Sudan's violence coincides with the final round of Darfur peace talks. Chad is co-mediator at the talks. Similar violence occurred last year when Chad's president threatened to pull out of mediating the talks because of Janjaweed attacks in Chad.

Reuters report Sep 25 confirms Chad and Darfur's JEM rebel group have agreed to cooperate. Excerpt:
The African Union, which is mediating the peace talks, said on Sunday a JEM delegation met Chad's President Idriss Deby in N'Djamena to dispel misunderstandings and the JEM had accepted Chad as a co-mediator in the peace process.
Detailed discussions at the Darfur peace talks on power sharing, wealth sharing and security arrangements were due to begin on Monday.



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