Friday, September 09, 2005

UN mission: Darfur rebels attack aid vehicles in Darfur

September 6 UN report confirms the UN Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) reported continuing accounts of fighting between rebel militia and the nomadic Janjaweed militia, looting of aid and attacks on villages in Darfur.

The combat between the Janjaweed and the SLA has been taking place in the Jabal Moon hills in North Darfur, it said, but the situation in West Darfur is most troubling, following two attacks last week Thursday on humanitarian convoys sent in by NGOs.
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AU official: Darfur rebels are thieves

September 6 report via Arabic says the special representative for the African Union, Baba Ghana, in a report described the rebels of Darfur as thieves, in remarks to the acts they carry out against the Sudanese Arabs.

His report deplored the rebels because they reject cooperation with the mediators of the AU who are trying to solve the crisis in Darfur. The talks are to be resumed in Abuja on September 15th."
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Darfur rebel group will be wrong not to attend talks

September 6 (Cairo) - source unknown via Sudan Tribune says Darfur's main rebel group SLA will be making a big mistake if it does not attend next week's peace talks in Nigeria, Sudan's foreign minister warned on Tuesday.
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BBC: Darfur rebels destabilising Darfur

September 5 report by BBC correspondent Jonah Fisher in Khartoum says Darfur rebel group SLA are destabilising Darfur and AU peacekeepers in Sudan have condemned the group for banditry and abductions.
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SPLA forces join army - Joint forces of 40,000 men for Sudan

Extract from report via Arabic

"Some 1500 soldiers from the forces of the SPLA, the armed portion of the SPLM headed by Sudan's VP, on Sunday went to Khartoum in order to form a joint unit with the government forces, in the framework of the peace agreement signed in January.

They will shortly form the first joint unit with a similar number of government army members. According to the peace agreement between the government and the SPLM, joint units should be formed from the SPLA and the government army to supervise the permanent ceasefire.

The joint forces which are estimated at 40,000 men will be deployed in the areas efected by the civil war, including 24,000 in southern Sudan and 6,000 soldiers in al-Nouba (central part), 6,000 in the Blue Nile (central east) and 3,000 in the capital Khartoum."
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Arab Genocide, Arab Silence

What responsibility do Arabs have to stop genocide being committed by Arabs? asks Joseph Britt in an op-ed entitled Arab Genocide, Arab Silence, Washington Post July 13, 2005.
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Kuwait pledges $500M for hurricane relief

September 4 Associated Press KUWAIT CITY confirms the oil-rich Persian Gulf state of Kuwait said Sunday it will donate $500 million in aid to U.S. relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina.
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"Voices for Darfur" DVD released in United Kingdom

The UN High Commission for Refugees (UNCHR) Voices for Darfur DVD released in United Kingdom.

Here is a photo of the "Voices for Darfur" DVD cover.


UNHCR work with internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Darfur and with refugees in neighbouring Chad was getting a boost from a new DVD, "Voices for Darfur," released by EMI in the UK and scheduled to appear in stores in Europe, Australia, the US and Japan in the coming weeks.

It features artists who took part in the 8 December concert in London to raise both funds and awareness, including Sade, Yusuf Islam, Chrissie Hynde, Mick Hucknall, Nicole Russo of the Brand New Heavies, Moloko singer Roisin Murphy, Ruthie Henshall, Sir Willard White and UNHCR's longest-serving Goodwill Ambassador, American opera and jazz singer Barbara Hendricks, UNHCR said.

The two-and-a-half-year conflict has displaced close to 2 million people within Darfur and driven more than 200,000 into Chad, where UNHCR maintains 12 refugee camps.
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Spotlight on Darfur 1

Image via Spotlight on Darfur 1 courtesy Tim Sweetman's post Let Us Weep.


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