SUDAN WATCH: SLA have withdrawn from south Darfur town, UN says

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

SLA have withdrawn from south Darfur town, UN says

SLA rebels in Darfur said they captured the town of Sheiria from government forces in a surprise attack on Tuesday.

Darfur clashes during peace talks

Photo: A Sudanese boy hold his malnourished cousin as he waits for medical assistance at a health clinic run by Medicine Sans Frontieres (MSF) in Akuem village in southern Sudan September 11, 2005. (David Mwangi/Reuters)
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Sudan official vows army will retake rebel town

Reuters via ReliefWeb says a Sudanese military official vowed on Wednesday that Sudan's armed forces would recapture the town.

"Right now, the town is still under rebel control," the official told Reuters. "Government forces will respond and expel them from the town," he added without giving details.
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Rebels reported to have withdrawn from south Darfur town, UN says

Associated Press report confirms SLA rebels are reported to have withdrawn from a South Darfur town which the Sudanese army was threatening to recapture, a UN spokesman said Wednesday:
The Sudan Liberation Army overran the town of Sheiria on Monday, violating the ceasefire in the western region of Sudan. The move provoked government protests and UN expressions of concern for the town's 33,000 residents, who depend on international aid.

"We have heard from some sources that the SLA left the town" Tuesday, UN spokesman George Somerwill told The Associated Press by telephone.

Somerwill declined to reveal the sources, but stressed that the African Union mission was responsible for the peace process in Darfur.

African Union spokesman Noureddine Mezni refused to comment on whether the rebels had withdrawn from Sheiria, saying a statement would be issued later.
Darfur clashes - during peace talks

The above mentioned fighting between Sudan's government and the Darfur rebels resumed during preparations for the sixth round of Darfur peace talks, which started in Abuja Nigeria on September 15, 2005. (Graphic/Reuters)



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