SUDAN WATCH: Sudan: New violence breaks out everywhere in Darfur

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Sudan: New violence breaks out everywhere in Darfur

Recent news reports of violence breaking out everywhere in Darfur comes as no surprise as it always seems to escalate in the run up to, and during, any important negotiations or peace talks.

As usual, it is difficult to tell who is starting what. Neither side ever proves sincere about wanting peace.

Perhaps this will go on for six years until the time for South Sudan to vote to break away. Trouble is, most of Sudan's oil is in south, central, western and border of Chad-Sudan, not in Northern Sudan where most of the government's supporters reside.

Note, Strategy Page's summary of the latest security situation in Darfur (thanks to Instapundit). The last line states Darfur rebel group JEM says it is working with the east Sudan rebels.



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