SUDAN WATCH: UN relief operation in Darfur could all end tomorrow?

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

UN relief operation in Darfur could all end tomorrow?

Today, the BBC reports escalating violence in Darfur is threatening to halt relief efforts in the area, the UN's chief aid coordinator has said. Excerpt:
'Jan Egeland said violence in Darfur had become so bad that the UN operation could "all end tomorrow - it's as serious as that". Mr Egeland said that international aid workers were increasingly being targeted by armed groups.

His comments came as violence flared on the border between Darfur and Chad.'
Mr Egeland habitually issues alarming politically charged messages to the press. Darfur's security situation was much worse in June of last year when the UN was pushing to get aid in - not pull it out.

Note how the media is used as a weapon of war. Even though the message from the UN's aid chief to the media is not really hard news, it is zipping around the world right now, making headline news.

UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan once said in an off the cuff talk to reporters that some of what he says to the media are veiled messages to various people on the ground in Sudan.



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