SUDAN WATCH: United Nations Sudan Situation Report 26 Sep 2005

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

United Nations Sudan Situation Report 26 Sep 2005

Re final round of Darfur peace talks held in Abuja, Nigeria, the UN's Sudan Situation Report 26 Sep 2005 says the six-day workshops on power-sharing, wealth-sharing and security concluded on 24 Sept, and on 25 Sept. the rest of the Minni Minawi faction of the SLM/A arrived in Abuja. The technical workshops were well-attended and informative and official negotiations will start this week.

Click here to read the UN's report on security issues concerning North Darfur, South Darfur and West Darfur.

Note, the above report states Chadians dressed in military uniform were seen in a market in West Darfur. Also, it confirms the Government of Sudan is attempting to get the situation under control there by sending SAF and police patrols in and around the market area. The report advises UN Staff to exercise extreme caution and avoid the market area.

Also, it explains that in North Darfur on 24 Sept:
'The town of El Fasher witnessed a military show of force as SAF troops armed with RPGs, AK-47 and 50 cal. machine guns and moving in large trucks, land cruisers, armored scout vehicles and T55 tanks paraded through El Fasher to Abu Shouk IDP camp. The parade ended with a drive-by salute for the Wali and military commanders near the Wali's house. The Wali announced the activation and full implementation of the Emergency Act, which gives full authority to the military and police forces to maintain the security and sovereignty of the state. He also told the armed forces that they should be ready to protect the state and civilians against any rebel attacks.'
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Reps of S Sudan's ex rebel group SPLM/A to attend Darfur peace talks

The above UN report confirms the SPLM/A will send representatives who have close relations with the armed groups in Darfur to Abuja.
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UPDATE Sep 27: From Passion of the Present with thanks - two stories: 50 killed in attack on Chadian village / Chad says gunmen from Sudan kill 36 in border raid.



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