SUDAN WATCH: Libya offers African Union 100,000 troops, 1,000 tanks, 100 aircraft to close Chad-Sudan border

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Libya offers African Union 100,000 troops, 1,000 tanks, 100 aircraft to close Chad-Sudan border

Feb 22, 2006 Al-Jazeerah news report re Libya's hosting of mini Africa summit does not say who would pay for 100,000 Libyan troops to patrol the Chad-Sudan border to stop armaments and insurgents from criss crossing the two countries. Excerpt:
Col Gadhafi said Chad and Sudan had "crossed a red line" with their war of words and called for their desert border to be sealed to prevent rebel infiltration in either direction.

"We can settle our problems ourselves," Col Gadhafi insisted, stressing that UN peacekeepers were not needed.

"Libya is ready to put 100,000 troops with 1,000 tanks and 100 aircraft at the disposal of the African Union to close the border," he informed at the summit. "All our forces are at the disposal of the African Union."

The Libyan leader said it was vital that the region's leaders agree on an "African solution" to the problem in order to "avoid foreign interference and keep the door firmly shut to outside machinations."
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Mass migration, nomads, IDPs and illegal immigration

Libya's Foreign Secretary met Tuesday in Tripoli with the Ambassadors of Spain, France and Italy. During the meeting, they discussed illegal immigration and the special arrangements to hold a conference under the umbrella of the African and European Unions to deal with this phenomenon and take the practical measures that enable the Africans to stay in their countries by establishing agricultural and industrial projects and provide them with essential services.

Note Feb 22, 2006 UNHCR calls for European leadership to bridge gap between humanitarian assistance and development aid.
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Africa's tragic borders and the illusory African brotherhood

Chenjerai Hove's opinion piece in The Zimbabwean on Africa's tragic borders notes African countries can loot across each other's borders, they can plunder wealth and lives across borders, but when it comes to proper official trade, they prefer the spoils of worthless wars. Zimbabwe and Uganda looted the DRC, and the African Union never protested, all in the name of the illusory 'African brotherhood.'


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