Friday, February 24, 2006

Ex-Sudan opposition MPs reject UN Darfur force, blame government

24 Feb 2006 Sudan Tribune report says the former Sudanese opposition MPs rejected international efforts to have UN peacekeeping troops take over from African Union troops in Darfur. They also blamed the government for the current situation there. Excerpt:
MPs on the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) said they will not endorse government policies on Darfur but also reject the presence of UN troops in Darfur.

Communist party MPs, who are member of the NDA, blamed the government for allowing the situation to come to such levels by not implementing the Resolutions of the Security Council. They called upon the government to implement those resolutions and start disarming the Janjaweed, convene the National Comprehensive Conference and implement fully the CPA with the SPLM and Cairo agreement with the NDA.

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