SUDAN WATCH: Libya to host mini-sumit on Sudan-Chad crisis

Monday, February 06, 2006

Libya to host mini-sumit on Sudan-Chad crisis

Libya to host mini-summit. This time it is about the on Sudan-Chad crisis. One day, Colonel Gaddafi's efforts might lead to a break through. Diplomats are sceptical but he has worked hard to help broker peace for Darfur and has been helpful in opening up new routes into Darfur for aid trucks and air routes for UN WFP to increase food flow to Darfur.

Further reading:

Oct 29, 2004 Summit in Tripoli closed with emphasis on getting aid to the refugees - Sudan hints at Darfur power share - JEM says Libya can play a very vital role

April 3, 2005 Libyan leader Gadhafi receives John Garang's delegation

May 11, 2005 Janjaweed still attacking inside Chad - Libya opens route for UN aid to Darfur

Sep 27, 2005 Darfur Sudan: Mini Mubarak and Gadhafi summit in Cairo

Sep 29, 2005 Chadian president in Libya to meet Gaddafi

Dec 30, 2005 African leaders to meet in Libya Jan 4 on Darfur

Jan 19, 2006 Libya proposes to deploy AU soldiers on Chad-Sudan border.


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