SUDAN WATCH: SLA shot down gov't helicopter in Shearia, South Darfur

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

SLA shot down gov't helicopter in Shearia, South Darfur

Today, while Darfur rebel groups SLA and JEM negotiate peace with the Sudanese government at talks in Abuja, Minni Minnawi, the leader of a SLA faction, says his group shot down a government helicopter and captured one surviving crew member, named as Captain Muawiya Zubeir.

What are government helicopters doing flying over Shearia, South Darfur? Why are the Janjaweed still attacking rebel held areas? Where are the African Union troops in all of this? It's always the same when the Darfur peace talks are in session. Why aren't the Janajaweed leaders at the peace talks?

Note Sudan Watch entry April 3, 2005 Oil found in South Darfur - Oil issues threaten to derail Sudan hopes for peace

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