SUDAN WATCH: UK White Nile to prospect oil in South Sudan's Block B

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

UK White Nile to prospect oil in South Sudan's Block B

Questions over the ownership of oil-rich Ba area of Southern Sudan was put to rest last week when Paul Mayom Akech, legal adviser of the government of Southern Sudan, officially launched oil explorations jointly with British oil and gas exploration company White Nile Ltd in Padak in Jonglei State.

Full report by Philip Ngunjiri, The East African February 7, 2006 via AllAfrica.

Note, Sudan Watch entry April 3, 2005 "Oil found in South Darfur" contains copy of report "Oil issues threaten to derail Sudan hopes for peace." [See below news reports of violence in South Darfur]
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Fighting in Jonglei, South Sudan

Sudanese presidency asks SPLA to explain Jonglei fighting - Khartoum has demanded an explanation from the SPLM re incidents it said occurred in the Jonglei area in South Sudan at the end of last week. - Sudan Tribune Feb 7.
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Further reading on South Darfur, Western Sudan:

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Feb 3, 2006 AU says SLA attacks in Shearia and Golo provoked Sudanese forces and prompted reprisal attacks by Janjaweed

Feb 1, 2006 South Darfur: Janjaweed attack IDP camps Kele, Silo, Tege, Um Gozein, Ton Kittir - Mass exodus from Mershing - Joint Sudan/AU forces to patrol?

Jan 29, 2006 Major escalation of violence in Jebel Marra Darfur forces aid agencies to evacuate - UN condemns attack by SLA on Golo

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May 15, 2004 Khartoum wants control over Darfur. The reason is simple: a possible oil pipeline through Darfur. See essay by Dr R.S. O'Fahey, professor of African history at University of Bergen, Norway, and African studies program at Northwestern University" W. Sudan: a complex ethnic reality with a long history



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