SUDAN WATCH: Scottish bagpipes greet Chinese president in Sudan

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Scottish bagpipes greet Chinese president in Sudan

Bagpipes greet Chinese president

Photo: Sudan's presidential guard plays military anthems with bagpipes (a legacy of British colonial times) to greet visiting Chinese President Hu Jintao in Khartoum on Friday Feb 2 2007. Chinese President Hu Jintao urged his Sudanese counterpart Omar al-Bashir on Friday to work harder to bring more Darfur rebels into the peace process, a Sudanese official and the state-run SUNA news agency said. Hu raised the issue during a closed-door meeting during the Chinese leader's landmark visit, the first ever by a Chinese president to Sudan. (AP Photo / Alfred de Montesquiou)

Note, Wikipedia tells us:
"European militaries contributed to the development of Sudanese music by introducing new instruments and styles; military bands, especially the Scottish bagpipes, were renowned, and set traditional music to military march music.

In 1999, Sudan was one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse countries in the world. It had nearly 600 ethnic groups speaking over 400 languages and dialects. "
Chinese president arrives in Cameroon

Photo: Chinese President Hu Jintao (L) and his wife Liu Yongqing wave apon arrival at the airport in Douala, Cameroon, on 31 January 2007. (AFP/Xinhua)

Presidents Hu and Bashir

Photo: Chinese President Hu Jintao (L) shakes hands with his Sudanese counterpart Omar al-Bashir. (AFP/Isam Al-Haj)

Chinese oil workers in Sudan

Photo: Chinese oil workers at a joint Chinese-Sudanese refinery greet China's President Hu Jintao on Friday in Aljaili on Friday Feb 2 2007. (AP Photo/Alfred de Montesquiou)

UN chief meets Sudanese president

Photo: Sudan President Omar al-Beshir (L) shakes hands with United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon during the African Union summit on January 29. Ban has urged patience to end the bloodshed in Darfur and voiced hope that Sudan would keep a pledge to allow a joint African Union-United Nations force in the war-torn region. (AFP/File/Don Emmert)


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