SUDAN WATCH: Tribal massacre reported in Darfur (UPI)

Monday, February 26, 2007

Tribal massacre reported in Darfur (UPI)

Feb 26 2007 UPI report (via B92):
DARFOUR -- African Union troops have confirmed reports of a tribal massacre of 32 people in Darfour.

The AU troops based in the town of Kaas were alerted to the massacre Sunday by people who fled the village of Amar Jadeed, 20 miles away, the report said.

The village is home to the Arab Terjem tribe, and survivors said the attackers were from the Arab Reizegat tribe, who rode in on camels and began shooting.

The two tribes have traditionally been friendly but four years of violence in the region has led to shortages of water and food.

The Terjem tribe accused the Islamist government of arming nomadic Arab tribes, echoing claims by other tribes since violence flared in the impoverished region, the report said.

The AU peacekeepers took no action after viewing the smoldering remains of the village, as their mandate only allows them to observe and shoot in self-defense, VOA said.
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