SUDAN WATCH: Rob Crilly twitters he's all set for Khartoum

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rob Crilly twitters he's all set for Khartoum

robcrilly: Need to change my shillings into dollars, buy cat food and toothpaste, then I'm all set for Khartoum
Twitter / robcrilly 12/2/09 06:05

AndrewHeavens: @robcrilly "Akhir Lahzah's field team has observed the appearance of an unknown substance along the riverbed of the Blue Nile River"
Twitter / AndrewHeavens 11/2/09 05:28

AndrewHeavens: @robcrilly "citizens added that substance's colour was changing between green and white and sometimes it would appear like soap bubbles"
Twitter / AndrewHeavens 11/2/09 05:29

AndrewHeavens: @robcrilly "the Ministry of Irrigation and Water has ruled out that the substance was some sort of seaweed or of fungal nature"
Twitter / AndrewHeavens 11/2/09 05:31

AndrewHeavens: @robcrilly "For their part, citizens expressed concern that the substance might be contaminative or chemical wastes"
Twitter / AndrewHeavens 11/2/09 05:32


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