Saturday, February 28, 2009

AU Chairman: Hard Evidence Proves Israel behind Darfur Conflict

Report from The Tripoli Post dated 28 February 2009:
AU Chairman: Hard Evidence Proves Israel behind Darfur Conflict
Israel supports Darfur rebels

Photo: Shadowy killers like the ones in this picture are supported by Israel to commit crimes against humanity the way the Zionist state is doing in Gaza.

Tripoli-"The problems facing Africa are not caused by Africans but rather by foreign forces with economic and political objectives in Africa," the Chairman of the African Union (AU) Muammar Gaddafi told participants in a UNESCO-organized conference in Tripoli on Tuesday.

Speaking on behalf of the whole African continent, Gaddafi warned foreign forces not to interfere in the internal affairs of African countries and mentioned the case of Mauritania where foreign forces could transforms local conflict on power into an international one.

Gaddafi said "we do not reveal a secret as we announce that we have found material evidence proving clearly that foreign forces are behind the Darfur problem and are fanning its fire."

"Some of the important leaders of the Darfur rebels have opened offices in Tel Aviv and hold meetings with the military there to add fuel to the fire," the AU Chairman added.

He demanded that any international legal proceedings against Omar al-Beshir be halted immediately, charging that it was Israel and not the Sudanese president who was to blame for the Darfur conflict.

Gaddafi said "as long as it has been proved that it is Israel who is behind Darfur, why then we hold Bashir or the Sudanese government responsible when the Darfur problem was caused by outside parties."

"The ICC, the United Nations and the international community must turn their attentions towards the guilty party in this dramatic conflict... the party which turned this banal dispute between tribes over camels into an international crisis," the AU Chairman said.

Gaddafi said we tell foreign forces "Stop, do not interfere in African affairs. Africa is able to solve its problems by itself and your interference made its problems worse."

Gaddafi said the Africans did not interfere in the Irish-British conflict nor in the conflicts that are going on in North America and Europe and, therefore, they should not interfere in our problems.

The International Criminal Court said on Monday that it will rule next week on whether to issue a warrant for the arrest of Beshir on charges of war crimes, including genocide, in Darfur.

On 16 February, Haaretz published a report saying that "a leader of one of the rebel groups in Sudan's Darfur region recently visited Israel to discuss with a senior Israeli official the situation in Sudan."

Haaretz said "Abdel Wahid al-Nur is the head of the Sudan Liberation Movement. While in Israel, he met with the senior official and discussed with him the ongoing conflict in Sudan."

Haaretz quoted a Defense Ministry official as saying: "In the interests of national security, various and sundry meetings are held.

We are not in the habit of giving responses after each of these meetings."

The paper said "Israel currently has more than 600 Darfur refugees, and Ehud Olmert's government decided to grant them all asylum and work permits."
See Sudan Watch 24 February 2009: Sudan: Israel, France, Chad providing support to Darfur rebel groups SLM-Nur & JEM?

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