SUDAN WATCH: Darfur 'genocide' activists return to Chad

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Darfur 'genocide' activists return to Chad

PRESS RELEASE from Stop Genocide Now:
Activists Return to Darfur Despite Danger
Los Angeles, CA, March 22, 2009 --( Over the last several weeks the genocide in Darfur has grown exponentially dire. Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir was indicted on counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity, 16 aid agencies were expelled from the region, and food, water, medicine, and shelter supplies have run out in the refugee camps.

That’s why Stop Genocide Now has chosen to return to the Darfur refugee camps in Chad, despite ongoing violence against aid workers.

For 10 consecutive days, Stop Genocide Now’s I-ACT program (interactive-activism) will connect you with the faces and lives of Darfur refugees who escaped genocide in their homeland. Watch live videos from the field team, read journal entries and add your comments, take action daily and change the way the world responds to genocide.

Stop Genocide Now will be one of the only advocacy groups in the region, allowing viewers to get a closer look on what has occurred after President al-Bashir order for the removal of all aid organizations in Darfur.

The group is leaving for Darfur refugee camps in Chad on March 21, 2009.

Media associates stationed in the United States and inside the camps will be available to take questions from the press during the trip. Interviews from the camps using Skype/webcams are available.

Please contact Gabriel Stauring or Katie-Jay Scott for more information about their trip, or follow them on or for up to date information on the work of Stop Genocide Now.


Gabriel Stauring
Director, Stop Genocide Now

Katie-Jay Scott
Director of Community Programming, Stop Genocide Now

Kathryn Nelson
Media associate for Darfur trip March 2009


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