Saturday, March 21, 2009

Gunmen loot Oxfam warehouse in Darfur, W. Sudan

Report from The Associated Press March 21, 2009 - excerpt:
Gunmen loot Oxfam warehouse in Darfur
AL-SALAM CAMP, Sudan: Refugee camp leaders in Darfur say a dozen men broke into the warehouse of an expelled British aid group, stealing all its contents.

Camp leader Adam Mahmoud told Darfur peacekeepers that armed men stormed the site early Saturday, driving off the guards with gunfire. Another leader, Ismail Braima, said the men stole cement sacks and water pipes.

The area where the Oxfam-UK center once stood has been emptied of all its contents.

This is believed to be the first such looting of an aid group's material since the government expelled Oxfam and 12 foreign aid groups on March 4. [...]

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