SUDAN WATCH: SLM's Nur calls for revision of CPA - JEM calls for UNSC to control Sudan's oil revenues, impose no-fly zone in Darfur, give UNAMID Chapter 7 mandate

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

SLM's Nur calls for revision of CPA - JEM calls for UNSC to control Sudan's oil revenues, impose no-fly zone in Darfur, give UNAMID Chapter 7 mandate

Reading the past few months of news reports on Sudan feels worse than watching a car crash in slow motion. From my vantage point, it looks like the West is getting sucked into a war engineered by extremist elements whose sole aim is to topple the Sudanese government and seize control of Sudan's oil. Not content with getting the UN, instead of the AU, fighting on the ground in Darfur, the terrorists (and let's face it, that's what they are, holding their country to ransom) now want the UN Security Council fighting on their side. If I were on the council, I'd call for the terrorist group leaders to be detained in The Hague for trial and call for the ICC to suspend its proceedings against Sudan's president until the terrorists are brought to trial.

Here are the news reports on SLM's Nur call for a transitional government in Sudan and a revision of south Sudan's Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), and JEM's Ibrahim call for the UN Security Council to control Sudan's oil revenues (Sudan is up to its ears in debt) and impose a no-fly zone in Darfur (impossible) and give UNAMID Chapter 7 mandate (a license to kill). Note that neither of these Sudanese criminals reside in Sudan. Cowards. It makes my blood boil to think that France permits Nur to freely come and go as he pleases whilst directing the Darfur war by satellite phone from Paris - and that mainstream media reveals so little about the secret world of Nur and Ibrahim.

From London, Asharq Al-Awsat by Mustapha Sirri, 9 March 2009:
Darfur Rebels Call for Seizing Oil Revenues
The Sudanese Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) called on the UN Security Council to introduce an "oil-for-food" program similar to the one that was used in Iraq under former President Saddam Hussein. The movement said the aim behind this program is to save the displaced people and refugees who have been affected by the war in the Darfur Region, by seizing the oil revenues that Khartoum shares with the southerners and distributing them to the displaced people in Darfur.

The movement said that the National Congress Party, led by Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, controls the oil revenues. The movement also called for the imposition of an air exclusion zone in the Darfur Region and for the delivery of relief aid from the states of Central Africa and Chad across the borders with Darfur.

Speaking to Asharq Al-Awsat from Darfur by telephone, Official Spokesman for the Justice and Equality Movement Ahmad Hussein Adam said that his movement presented to the international community a proposal to work out an "oil-for-food" program to provide aid for the displaced people and refugees who have been affected by the war in Darfur.

He added: "The UN Security Council must pass resolutions to control the oil revenues in Sudan. The National Congress Party benefits from these revenues in buying weapons from China and Russia and in building villas in numerous places."

He continued: "We do not need statements of denunciation and condemnation from the UN Security Council. The council members must take action and pass powerful resolutions."

He called on the UN Security Council to make an urgent humanitarian intervention under Chapter seven of the UN Charter and said that the Khartoum government needs effective pressure.

Adam said the south will benefit from the United Nations' control of the oil revenues, all of which will reach the south directly from a special account, because Khartoum does not deal with this issue transparently.

He accused Beijing and Moscow of taking part in what he termed war crimes in Darfur. He said his movement denounces the stands taken by China and Russia on the deprivation of the displaced people and refugees of the relief aid after Khartoum expelled the humanitarian relief organizations.

Adam said: "Both China and Russia participate in the genocide war in Darfur, because Beijing sells arms and military vehicles to Khartoum and Russian pilots take part in the aerial bombardment and in starving the civilian population. The UN Security Council must take a stand on this issue."

He added that the regime uses food as a weapon to defend itself and noted that depriving citizens of the necessary food to survive is regarded as genocide.

For its part, the government of the South, led by Sudanese First Vice-President Salva Kir, criticized its partner in the government in Khartoum for taking unilateral decisions on the crisis that resulted from the International Criminal Court's move. It was referring to the fact that it was not consulted on the expulsion of the international organizations.

The Sudan People's Liberation Movement [SPLM] called on the National Congress Party to revoke the decision to expel 16 international NGOs from Sudan. It asked whether the foreign and humanitarian affairs ministers who belong to the SPLM have knowledge of that decision.

The SPLM warned that such major decisions that are taken without the movement's participation will affect the partnership with the National Congress Party, led by Al-Bashir.

Speaking to Asharq Al-Awsat from Juba by telephone, Dr Luka Biong, minister of presidential affairs in the Government of South Sudan, said the information available to his government indicates that 16 organizations were expelled from Sudan and that these organizations employ 6,500 workers who represent 40 per cent of the foreign and Sudanese workers in the relief aid organizations. He added that they provide 60 per cent of the humanitarian relief aid in Darfur, the Nuba Mountains, the Blue Nile and Abyei.

Dr Luka Biong noted that a large vacuum will be created in these areas, particularly with regard to development issues with which these organizations deal and from which the citizens directly benefit.

He asked: "Is it reasonable that these organizations made all these violations in the same day and hour to be expelled?"

Dr. Biong noted that the expulsion decision came as Khartoum's reaction to the International Criminal Court's move to arrest Al-Bashir. He said these organizations operate in Sudan under laws, the violators of which are brought to account.

He asked: "But do the higher authorities in the national unity government know about the decision to expel the organizations? Do the foreign and humanitarian affairs ministers who represent the SPLM have knowledge of this serious decision?"

He said the government in Khartoum must reconsider this decision in order to ensure that the areas of Darfur, Nuba Mountains, Blue Nile and Abyei will not be affected.
In a nutshell, JEM's demands are a nonsense. Getting a handle on their blackmail and extortion is like trying to nail mercury. Freedom fighters my foot. But I've yet to see anybody complaining about how much these lowlifes are costing. Some commentators at Sudan Tribune are very informative and amusing, here are some examples.

From Sudan Tribune, 7 March 2009 -
JEM leader calls for oil-for-food programme in Darfur
7 March 2009 comment by Wiyual:
Wake up Mr. Khalil!
You have to note that the country’s oil is located in the Southern part of country where you used to terrorize during SPLM/SPLA 22 years war with NIF regime. During the South Sudanese struggle for their right, you supported your Muslim master from the North Sudan that used you as shield to fight your blood-relative brother from the South.  No, no, and no!  I’m against your grievances because you had put Islam first and forget family relationship during South Sudanese struggle. If Muslim from Nuba Mountains are the ones who claiming their shares, I must be 100% to support them because they were part of Sudan patriots.

No Thank to Oil for Food to feed your people whom you caused their trouble.
From Sudan Tribune, 7 March 2009 - 
JEM warns Qatar against hosting Sudanese president for Arab summit
8 March 2009 comment by Sihs:
This Ameer of Mujahedeen Khalel Ibrahim is a true idiot, what does he want?? he never dreamed of sitting close to Quatar Ameer, yet he states his stupid egos and conditions, go to hell mr Khaleel, you should also wait for your turn as far as your war crimes and forced recruitment of children as well as your past atrocities in the south. you a true idiot non-realistic folk


Photo: Qatar Prime Minister Hamad bin Jassem bin Jabir al-Thani and JEM Leader following his arrival in Qatar Wednesday February 11, 2009 (QNA/ST)
- - -

Article from Sudan Tribune Wednesday 4 March 2009 -
Darfur rebel leader calls for transitional government in Sudan
March 4, 2009 (PARIS) — The leader of the rebel Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) has called for the formation of a national coalition government to lead the country out of the current political situation and settle the Darfur crisis.

Abdel-Wahid Al-Nur

Photo: Abdel-Wahid Al-Nur

On the eve of the ICC decision over an arrest warrant request for the Sudanese president, the political situation is seen as very unstable despite the huge efforts done by Khartoum to rally the political forces and the civil society behind its president.

Government officials have also warned they would not tolerate any support to the world tribunal on the cases of Darfur crimes. They publicly said they would hit any

Abdel Wahid Al-Nur, the rebel chief, called today for a large coalition government for the Sudanese democratic forces to end the six year conflict in Darfur and organize general elections in the country.

"We in the SLM believe that Sudanese democratic forces which adhere to the respect of human rights and state of law and citizenship" Al-Nur said.

The rebel leader further said that the agenda of this transitional government is to provide security and to end the six-year violence practiced by the government of the National Congress Party against the defenseless civilians in Darfur.

On the national level, he said the main task of this government is to maintain public order in the country and prevent any chaos as well as the management of the daily affairs of the state. This proposed government, according to Al-Nur, should organize a constitutional roundtable to discuss ways to ensure and implement civil liberties and human rights in the country.

He pointed out that the purpose of such a conference would be to determine "once and for all" the endless debates in the country about the place of religion in the state by adopting the principle of the secular state as one of the pillars that can guarantee the equal citizenship rights in a country characterized by its cultural and ethnic diversity.

"Of course a bill of rights also should be adopted to guarantee the supremacy of civil liberties, like the freedom of expression, freedom of thinking, freedom of religion and freedom of speech, in order protect the individual from oppressive governments," he further added.

Since more than six months the two partners of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) have discussed the security and press bills and didn’t yet reached a definitive ground on two issues crucial for the holding of a free election in the country.

With regard to the CPA, the rebel leader stressed the importance of the 2005 agreement and considered it as an historical achievement. However he pointed out the need to review some aspects in the peace deal after four years of ill implementation.

"We need to consolidate the national values and to provide more powers to the regions in the country" he added, "all these steps aim to preserve the national unity of the Sudan"

Al-Nur, who said that this transitional government should be led by his movement, proposed that it must have a clear mission and fixed time to achieve its goals before the run-off free and fair general elections monitored by the international community.

Al-Nur, in making his statement said he is aware that such proposal represents a new approach to settle Darfur crisis. He added that this would allow to address at the same time. "our two major concern is the future of the Sudan and the rights of Darfur people."

The SLM founder refused last month to take part in a peace process mediated by the Qatari government and the joint envoy. He asks first to provide security to the IDPs who should regain their homes and villages after the disarmament of the Janjaweed militias and expulsion of government supported newcomers from their lands.

In a roadmap released in September 2007, the SLM says that peace talks should be dedicated to discuss "the root causes of the problem."

A holder of law degree from Khartoum University, Al Nur worked as lawyer before to hold arms and fight against government policy in Darfur. He created the SLM ten years before to start the insurgency.

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4 March 2009 by Jesus Christ
Where are the SPLM supporters who have been calling for the indictment. This was all conspiracy against CPA by the same Darfur people you thought you were sympathizing. Look at this fool calling for reviewing the CPA. You brought the fire to your back yard. This the end of the CPA.

1955: War broke out between southern Separatists against the minority government Khartoum

1972: Dumb stupid Dinka Abel Aliar betrayed southern Sudan

2009: Dumb SPLM/A mislead southern Sudanese and betrayed the South again

Dinkas will be hold accountable for their misjudgment in the history of southern Sudan.
- - -

Article from Sudan Tribune March 7, 2009 (PARIS) - excerpt:
SLM leader to mobilize African and Arab support to ICC arrest warrant
In a press conference held in Paris Friday, Al-Nur said his contacts with African and Arab countries aims to dissuade them from supporting the Sudanese President Omer Al-Bashir and halt any attempt to invoke article 16 of Rome Statute to suspend the ICC jurisdiction on Darfur.

Under Article 16 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, the UN Security Council may resolve to defer a prosecution for a period of 12 months, which is what the AU and the AL request.

Last July two weeks after Bashir’s indictment by the ICC chief prosecutor, African Union and the Arab League failed to convince three permanent states at the Security Council – Britain France and USA —to suspend the ICC jurisdiction on Darfur crimes.

Al-Nur told the reporters that regional organization should not transform its self to clubs for the defense of head of states. "They should also think also about the fate of millions of Darfuri affected by the conflict."

The rebel leader further urged tough action against the expulsion of aid groups from Darfur. He added that departure of the aid groups was a disaster for the people of Darfur.

The UN chief who called on Khartoum to reverse its decision is currently contacting the leaders of the African Union (AU) and the Arab League, along with others in the region to follow up on his appeal to the Sudanese government to reconsider its decision.

Nur said that under the current political jointure the formation of large democratic government could be a valid solution to end the Darfur conflict. The transitional government would administrate the country for a short period and organize general elections in the country.

He also urged to preserve the CPA and develop it by correcting the false Islamist definition of northern Sudan.

"The CPA should be revised and upgraded to include all of northern Sudan’s diversity, he argued. He said that this North-South division does not reflect the geographical and political reality of this part of the Sudan." He told Sudan Tribune two days ago.
These two comments made me laugh:
7 March 2009 07:32, by Samani
Mobilize who ?? This fat fool cant mobilize his own so called group. People in darfur, africa & the arab countries hate him. He went to israel first !! No ones going to listen to this hotel sleeping holiday rebel.
- - -
March 2009 20:28, by mr watchabble
what u need to do you need to come to darfur, not just stayed in paris and getting fat like you going to explode look at your face we cant even see your eye's, they feeding you to death watch out they to trying kill you buddy.


Photo: SLM chairman, Abdel-Wahid Al-Nur during a press conference in Paris on March 6, 2009 (ST)


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