SUDAN WATCH: Reuters list of best websites around for analysis and news on Sudan

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Reuters list of best websites around for analysis and news on Sudan

Thanks to Reuters AlertNet for linking to Sudan Watch. Here below is a copy of the sites they've chosen to link to. Thank goodness they've not pointed their readers to American warmongers Eric Reeves and Nicholas Kristof. I've not had a chance to visit and read the Sudanese Optimist, Humanitarian Relief or Thirsty Palmetto (Update: I've just loaded their RSS feeds into my newsreader but Thirsty Palmetto's Atom feed won't load). Alex de Waal's blog Making Sense of Darfur ought to be compulsory reading for any Sudan watchers. Incidentally, Rob Crilly's tweets make amusing reading even though he recently left Khartoum and is back at his base in Nairobi where he is writing a book on Darfur.

From Reuters AlertNet
Sudan: Useful links
23 Mar 2009
Some of the best websites around for analysis and news on Sudan:

Sudan: Humanitarian snapshot map - ReliefWeb graphic

Making Sense of Darfur - Alex de Waal and others blog about the ICC ruling

Sudanese Optimist - a Sudanese citizen's view plus lots of links to other bloggers in the "Sudanosphere"

Humanitarian Relief - former aid worker Michael Kleinman provides his take

Thirsty Palmetto - an aid worker's view from south Sudan

Rob Crilly - freelance journalist writing about Sudan

Sudan Watch - frequently updated with news from a wide range of sources

Enough Project - blogs about Sudan and the ICC from anti-genocide group

Twitter updates from Andrew Heavens - Thomson Reuters journalist in Khartoum
P.S. Hi to Rob and Andrew. Loved your tweets, especially Rob's from Darfur.


Anonymous AlertNet said...

Thanks for the great write-up about our Sudan resources Ingrid! Thought you might like to see the latest update from one of the aid workers recently kicked out of Sudan. Some powerful detail about food and water running out, shortages in child malnutrition centres, big health risks as rainy season comes along:

A month since they kicked us out of Sudan

Friday, April 03, 2009  
Blogger Ingrid Jones said...

See Sudan Watch, Friday, April 03, 2009:

Darfur, Sudan: Shame on Reuters AlertNet for publishing anonymously authored propaganda

Friday, April 03, 2009  

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