SUDAN WATCH: Root problem of Darfur crisis is outside Sudan and beyond remit of Sudan's Bashir

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Root problem of Darfur crisis is outside Sudan and beyond remit of Sudan's Bashir

Here is a thought provoking comment posted to Sudan Watch a few minutes ago from Dr. Md. Mahmudul Hasan of Dhaka University in Bangladesh. His analogy of Somalia makes sense to me.  After all that's been written about Darfur, I wonder why we still cannot identify who is at the root of the problem. Why doesn't Mr Bashir reveal the real story of Darfur?  Surely he and his colleagues must know the truth of who is supporting the insurgents in Sudan and why rebel leaders still remain free to come and go as they please, whilst instigating anarchy, mayhem, murder and the slaying of Darfur peacekeepers. Why doesn't anybody mention Al-Qaeda? The archives here at Sudan Watch show that Al-Qaeda is entrenched in Khartoum. It's like having an elephant in the room that everybody can see but nobody cares to mention.
The International Criminal Court and the Arrest Warrant of al-Bashir

If one can unlearn the information served by all the regular news bulletins of western media and do some independent investigation of the Darfur crisis, one may find the root of the problem outside the Sudan and beyond the remit of President Omar al-Bashir. A good analogy may be the Somalia crisis and how Ethiopia was used to destabilize the country by invasion and mass killings. Here one may find Chad in place of Ethiopia, and how the former is playing a vicious role to prolong the Darfur crisis. I leave such discussion to experts in international relations.

However, the indictment and the arrest warrant issued for al-Bashir deserve some thoughts. The Darfur problem has continued in al-Bashir's sovereign country and he dealt with it in the way he did. He may be right or wrong. But the arrest warrant may not be for his role in Darfur, but for his resistance to western influence and presence in his country.

The entire world witnessed war crimes and genocides compounded by the destruction of infrastructures and educational institutions in Gaza. I think we the underdogs of the world are cognizant enough to know what the International Criminal Court is, and our understanding of it inhibits us to expect any arrest warrant to be issued for Ehud Olmert, Shimon Peres and the numerous other war criminals inside and outside Israel. Let justice prevail!

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