SUDAN WATCH: Sudan Darfur aid workers staying in Khartoum for now as negotiations continue

Friday, March 06, 2009

Sudan Darfur aid workers staying in Khartoum for now as negotiations continue

Right now here in England it is 12:55 pm Friday 6 March 2009 and I have just seen these two tweets by Rob Crilly in Darfur, western Sudan.
Aid workers staying in khartoum for now as negotiations continue. No-one holding much hope.
Twitter / robcrilly 6/3/09 11:00

robcrilly: Mosques preaching love and tolerance, according to friend in khartoum
Twitter / robcrilly 6/3/09 11:38
Given that fact that 'aid workers are staying in Khartoum for now', the three words "as negotiations continue" sound to me like positive news.

Last night, I stayed up way past midnight to write and publish the following post for Sudan Watch: African Union's initiative to try halt ICC's proceedings against Bashir will give a chance for peace in Sudan.

It's a must-read. The African Union needs all the help it can get. UN Security Council members UK, France and the US must be persuaded to give a chance for peace in Sudan. The future of Sudan and the lives of millions of people are at stake. If any Sudan watcher reading this is a British, French or US citizen please find a way to make your voice heard and request that ICC proceedings against Sudan's President Al-Bashir are halted for at least twelve months. War begets war. Peace begets peace. Think of all the young children growing up in Sudan and Chad. Their futures depend on what happens this week.

Please Sudan. No more war. No more bloodshed. No more child soldiers. Don't give up on peace. Here is a two minute video featuring former child solder, Emmanuel Jal who fought in Sudan's bloody civil war that cost more than two million lives.

YouTube: Emmanuel Jal WARCHILD - official video - taken from the album WARCHILD (Courtesy of

As a child soldier, he learned how to kill. Now, thanks to a British aid worker, Emmanuel Jal is an internationally acclaimed musician. This is his remarkable story

Emmanuel Jal: 'Music is my weapon of choice'
From the Telegraph UK Roya Nikkhah 28 Feb 2009

'War Child: A Boy Soldier's Story' by Emmanuel Jal is published by Little, Brown on March 5. To order your copy for £11.99 + £1.25 p&p, call Telegraph Books (0844 871 1515) or go to For information on Gua Africa, go to



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