SUDAN WATCH: Senegal says it will try Habre on African soil

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Senegal says it will try Habre on African soil

The World Court has accepted Senegal's pledge that it will keep former Chadian president Hissene Habre under house arrest while he awaits trial for alleged human rights abuses.

Belgium had asked the court to order Senegal to keep Mr. Habre in custody, citing fears he could escape and go into hiding.

However, the court - formally known as the International Court of Justice - ruled Thursday in The Hague that no such order is necessary. It said Senegal has given assurances it will not allow Mr. Habre to leave its territory.

A Chadian inquiry found that Mr. Habre was responsible for 40,000 political killings during his eight years as president. He has lived in Senegal since being toppled from power in 1990.

Senegal, at the urging of the African Union, says it will try Mr. Habre on African soil.

Source: VOA News, 28 May 2009 - World Court Accepts Senegal's Pledge to Keep Habre Under House Arrest


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