Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Six Darfurians arrested and illegally detained for 10 months without charge?

Terrible news if true. Report from Radio Dabanga, a radio station run by Darfurians in The Netherlands, which broadcasts into Darfur in Fur, Zaghawa, Masalit and Arabic:
Detained Darfurians on honger strike

KHARTOUM (22 May 2009) - Six of Darfur sons are more than a week on a hunger strike. They are detained by the security organ in Khartoum for more than 10 months. They protest against their arrests without any charge. Those who went on strike are: Abedel Ilah Ibrahim Wadia, Hamadi Gibril, Hanazalah Adam, Nogadalla Khalil and Naygey Abdalla.

Lawyer Kamal Omer Abedel Salaam, described to Radio Dabanga that this detention and arrest is illegal, This is against the interim constitution. He said that the security organ arrested these people 10 months ago without any justification. He further explained they were set free on the 12th of May. The security forces rearrested them again. After their re-arrest, they entered the hunger strike until now.
Update - From Radio Dabanga, 25 May 2009:
Habbanya in hunger strike refuse treatment

NYALA (25 May 2009) - The 7 Habbanya detainees have entered a second week of their hunger strike in Nyala prison. The health of 3 detainees was deteriorating. They have been taken to the Nyala hospital for further treatment, but they refused to take medication.They are calling for their immediate release. Their lawyer told Radio Dabanga that the defense-team has decided to appeal against the governor of South Darfur for the arrest without any charges. He told radio Dabanga that such behavior is against the interim constitution. The names of those who went on hunger strike are:

Salah Mohamed Goof Al Shenahy, Al Bushara Abbas Al Bushara, Dr. Mohamed Alamin Ahmed Eishag, Musa Izzedin Ahmed, Mahmoud Mohamed Mahmoud, Mahmoud Mursoud Mahmoud and Ahmed Hamid Mahmoud. This was disclosed to Radio Dabanga by the lawyer from Nyala. The detention of the Habbanya leaders was ordered by the South-Darfur governor, Ali Mahmoud, accusing the men to support attacks on the Fallata. In the same Kober prison in Nyala a prisoner was prevented by his colleagues to hang himself. According to eyewitnesses that spoke to Radio Dabanga in side the prison, said the reasons for his attempt is the severe torture by prison guards. One of the prisoners told Radio Dabanga that he was tortured on daily bases. He said that he is in prison for years and not even his mother was allowed to visit him. Last week radio Dabanga already reported about the widespread torture in the Nyala jail that was confirmed by lawyers in Nyala.

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