SUDAN WATCH: GONU became illegal on 9 July under terms of CPA?

Monday, July 13, 2009

GONU became illegal on 9 July under terms of CPA?

From Sudan Radio Service, Monday, 13 July 2009
Opposition Parties Plan Mass Rally Against "Illegal" GONU
(Khartoum) – Last week, the coalition of national opposition parties called for the formation of a national government saying that the current government became illegal on the 9th July under the terms of the CPA.

They threaten to hold a mass demonstration over the legality of the current government.

The Government of National Unity has defended its legal and constitutional legitimacy.

GONU Justice Minister Abdel-Baseet Sabdarat Saleh addressed a press conference in Khartoum on Sunday.

[Abdel-Baseet Sabdarat]: “Who is going to form the government if the President is going to be illegitimate and the President of south Sudan government is going to be illegitimate? There is talk of a constitutional vacuum. Who is going to fill this vacuum?

Is it going to be a voluntary committee? I think these claims are an attempt to make political capital out of the situation.

Article 216 reads as follows: The election is to be conducted within the four-year interim period. It is important to refer to this article, because it doesn’t refer to the period of the Government of National Unity nor to President or First Vice-President nor the President of the south Sudan government or to any level of government mentioned in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.”

Article 216 of the Interim national constitution states that the general elections at all levels of government shall be held not later than the end of the fourth year of the interim period. This period expired on 9th July.


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