Wednesday, July 22, 2009

SPLM's Deng Alor: Abyei will be where the unity of Sudan starts

From Sudan Radio Service, Wednesday, 22 July 2009:
CPA Partners Will Respect PCA Ruling
(Abyei) – Following the announcement of the ruling by the Permanent Court of Arbitration, both signatories of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, the NCP and the SPLM, reaffirmed their commitment to accepting the court’s verdict.

Deng Alor, a senior SPLM member and the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Government of National Unity, spoke to Sudan Radio Service in Abyei. He says the decision is binding and that the SPLM will respect the arbitration.

[Deng Alor]: “As we said before, the decision by the Permanent Court of Arbitration is binding on the parties. The SPLM and the people of this area will respect and implement that decision. 

With regard to the northern boundaries, as far as the Dinka are concerned, the area remains the same. The court has dismissed the "shared areas" and has annexed the shared areas to the Messiriya. With regards to the east and west, the Dinka have lost some small areas. But all in all, we think the decision by the court is acceptable. There is oil all over the place. It is not only in Heglig. Even in that line, we have to see it on paper and on land so that we can really determine where the wealth is.”

Abdelbagi Gailani is a member of the NCP and the state Minister of Humanitarian Affairs.

[Abdelbagi Gailani]: “We have come here as partners with the SPLM. I am representing the National Congress Party. We are here to be with the indigenous people of Abyei, just to listen to this arbitration result, and as you may have seen here, everybody is committed. I am quite sure that this area will be the focus and it will be where the unity of Sudan starts from this area if we focus on development. There is no distinct line between Dinka and Messiriya in this area. People are intermingling, they are consolidated and they reflect the actual unity of Sudan.”

Abdelbagi Gailani was speaking to Sudan Radio Service in Abyei.
Sudan map showing January 1, 1956 Line of Demarcation

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