SUDAN WATCH: Sudan Radio Service interviews Dinka and Messiriya commuity leaders from Abyei

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sudan Radio Service interviews Dinka and Messiriya commuity leaders from Abyei

22 July 2009 SRS (Abyei) - Community leaders Pledge to Abide By Ruling - Sudan Radio Service spoke to community leaders in Abyei to get their reaction to the decision of the court of arbitration.  The leader of the Abyei Liberation Front and the former governor of Abyei, Mohammed Omar Al Ansari, said that the court’s verdict was expected.
[Mohammed Omar Al Ansari]: “We were expecting this resolution, because I have always told the media that the resolution will not have a winner or a loser, because this court is for arbitration. It will always move towards conciliatory resolutions, which will lead to peaceful coexistence. Now according to me, this resolution didn’t satisfy our ambitions, but it’s much better than the experts report. This resolution, with it is consequences, will be imposed on both the Dinka Ngok and the Messiriya. They have no alternative except to live together. It is an opportunity to mend the social fabric and create peaceful coexistence between Dinka and Messiriya, and we as Messiriya, we respect this resolution.”

Dr. Zacharia Deng Majuk, is a Dinka Ngok community leader. He too was optimistic that his people would abide by the court’s decision.

Zacharia Deng Majuk]: “Following the judgment which came out today and which the SPLM and NCP accepted, I think we are going to work for the implementation of the decision. We are both from Abyei and we belong to the same community, so you can not say that this issue has politicized but we do know that the SPLM was particularly concerned about the rights of the people here.”

Mohammed Omar Al Ansari and Doctor Zacharia Deng Majuk were speaking to Sudan Radio Service from Abyei.
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