SUDAN WATCH: Sudan's Safat-01 aircraft runs on car fuel

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Sudan's Safat-01 aircraft runs on car fuel

Here are two photos of the Safat-01 aircraft, a two-seater propeller plane produced at Sudan's state Safat Aviation Complex. It is Sudan's first home-manufactured aircraft -- a $15,000 training plane that runs on car fuel.

Sudan's Safat-01 aircraft

Photo:  Sudan's Safat-01 plane, the country's first home-manufactured aircraft, taxis down a runway at a launching ceremony in Khartoum, July 05, 2009. President Omar Hassan Al Bashir said on Sunday sanctions could not block development in his country.   Picture taken July 5, 2009. Reuters/Mohamed Nureldin. Full story: Reuters, July 5, 2009.

Sudan's Safat 01 aircraft

Photo: Safat 01 plane. (Source:  Sudan Tribune article 24 June 2009 - Sudan to begin aircraft production in July)

Safat-01 aircraft, Sudan's first home-manufactured aircraft

Photo: Sudan's President Omar Hassan al-Bashir waves to supporters at the launch of the Safat-01 aircraft, Sudan's first home-manufactured aircraft, a $15,000 training plane that runs on car fuel, in Khartoum July 05, 2009. Picture taken July 05, 2009. (Reuters/Mohamed Nureldin)


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy for Sudan aerospace. Does not mean I agree with the president on other matters. I think the aeroplane should be marketed Africa wide for police forces and farming-anti poaching exercises. The plane should be priced cheaply.Now would be nice to work on the next thing a twin prop freighter and passenger plane.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009  

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