SUDAN WATCH: UNAMID commander Martin Luther Agwai based in Darfur, Sudan asked to resign?

Saturday, July 04, 2009

UNAMID commander Martin Luther Agwai based in Darfur, Sudan asked to resign?

News tip just received via email. Not sure whether to publish it or not as I am not familiar with the Dallas Blog and cannot find the story elsewhere. I have decided to publish the below copied news reports because Inner City Press reports have in the past proved correct. I have used red to highlight some of the text for future reference. How disappointing if the following news is true.

From Dallas Blog
Head UN Darfur Peacekeeper Asked to Resign
by Tom McGregor , Saturday, July 4, 2009, 12:35 PM [USA]
In a stunning development, Martin Luther Agwai, a UNAMID force commander based in Darfur, Sudan, was asked to step down from his prestigious position at the United Nations, two days after the Texas Republic News posted a story about his wife, Ruth Agwai, on June 15, 2009, according to sources knowledgeable on behind-the-scenes activities of the UN. His wife works as an unlicensed nurse for Medical Services at an occupational health clinic inside the UN headquarters building in New York City.

Martin Luther Agwai

The Texas Republic News revealed that Mrs. Agwai lived in a multi-million dollar town home in Manhattan, "never legally obtained a registered nursing license in her country of origen," received financial payments from ECOSOC, an agency which distributes financial and material aid to Third World nations, and billed an excessive expense account to the UN to pay for first class travel accomodations when she attended a 'World's AIDS Day' conference in Lagos, Nigeria on November 27, 2007.
Recently, the Dallas Blog posted an article, which links Ruth Agwai to Planned Parenthood in Nigeria as revealed by internal UN documents. Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria partly funded a summit that she attended in Nigeria.
The Inner City Press posted an article on June 19, 2009, stating: "the departure of Martin Luther Agwai as UNAMID force commander in Darfur would take place as questions have been raised about the UN's employment of his wife Ruth Agwai in the UN Medical Service, and her moonlighting for an NGO for the wives of Nigerian generals."
Fox News frequently cites Inner City Press articles when posting UN stories.
Nevertheless, the director of UN Medical Service, Brian Davey, an unlicensed doctor, never imposed any sanctions against Ruth Agwai upon hearing the news that she was exposed in a Texas Republic News article. Ironically, it may have been her husband who suffered the consequences over her alleged misdeeds. Some employees at the UN are raising concerns that Mr. Davey had been too soft on Ruth Agwai, but too tough on other staff members who are unfriendly to Mrs. Agwai.
The Dallas Blog has obtained more damaging UN internal documents which reveal negative information about Ruth Agwai as well as many other staff members at UN Medical Service, which will later be exposed in more follow-up stories.
To read the entire article from the Inner City Press, link here: To read a French article about Martin Luther Agwai's resignation, link here: To read the Texas Republic News article, link here.
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A la Une - Le général Agwai poursuit sa visite auprès des troupes stationnées au Darfour

Photo: Le général Martin Luther Agwai. Source: A la Une - Le général Agwai poursuit sa visite auprès des troupes stationnées au Darfour.  From Wikipedia:
General Martin Luther Agwai is a Nigerian military officer who is the current commander of the combined United Nations-African Union peacekeeping force in Darfur.  Throughout his career, General Agwai has held a variety of prominent positions, including Chief of Defence Staff and Chief of Army Staff in the Nigerian government. His positions in the United Nations have included Deputy Military Advisor to the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations (November 2002-June 2003), and Deputy Force Commander of the UN Mission in Sierra Leone (UNAMSIL), from November 2000 to November 2002.
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From Texas Republic News
by Tom McGregor
Special to Texas Republic News
June 15, 2009
Nurse With a Multi-Million Dollar Town Home
Yet, an unlicensed Medical Services registered nurse working inside the UN headquarters building in New York City, Ruth Agwai, had never legally obtained a registered nursing license in her country of origin, Nigeria, according to confidential sources, knowledgeable on the inner-sanctum of the U.N. Actually, other nurses do not have proper documentation to work as licensed registered nurse in New York State. Fox News previously reported that Ms. Agwai exploited her diplomatic privileges granted by the Nigerian Mission to take medical supplies overseas. Sources have confirmed to the TRN that Fox News correctly reported on this matter.

Ironically, public records reveal that Ms. Agwai lives in a multi-million dollar town home in Manhattan (E. 34th St. New York, N.Y.) and she frequently touts her diplomatic credentials among her rich and powerful friends. Her passport clearly identifies her status as a diplomat. UN Documents reveal that she receives funding from an NGO called ECOSOC, which is an agency with an intended purpose of sending financial and material aid to impoverished nations.

She also travels around the world taking advantage of first-class accommodations paid for by the U.N. According to a U.N. budgetary fact sheet, Mrs. Agwai traveled with 12 delegates to Lagos, Nigeria on November 27, 2007. She attended an event to “commemorate the World AIDS Day celebrated yearly.” Documents show what appears to be an inordinately excessive cost for hotel stays billed to the UN. Mrs. Agwai’s expenses came while she was working in an agency charged with helping poor people in Third World African countries.

Furthermore, U.N. paperwork discloses that ECOSOC money is being diverted to NAOWA (Nigerian Army Officers Wives’ Association) under the apparent pretext that the association – of which Agawi serves as the National President – is assisting in work training of Nigerian women.

To read the entire Fox News article, link here; to verify licenses of UN doctors and nurses, link here: and to read about how Medical Services funds AIDS prevention measures, link here: To read the ECOSOC website, link here.
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From UNAMID, EL FASHER (DARFUR), Sudan, Wed, July 02, 2009 (via APO):
Daily press briefing by the office of the spokesperson for the UN secretary-general.
The Force Commander for the UN/African Union Mission in Darfur, (UNAMID), General Martin Luther Agwai, has continued to visit troops across Darfur. Today General Agwai visited an Egyptian Battalion deployed in Ed Al Fursan in South Darfur. His new Deputy, General Duma Dumisani has also been out in the field visiting the South Darfuri towns of Nyala, El Daein and Muhajeriya.

In the meantime, the Civil Affairs Section of UNAMID has held a one-day workshop on Social Peacebuilding in Nyala. The key issues that were tackled included, how to solve land disputes among different groups, transitional justice, as well as how to prevent clashes between farmers and pastoralists. The workshop was attended by civil society organizations, government officials and participants from Nyala University.

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