SUDAN WATCH: Sudan's huge White Nile Sugar Project

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sudan's huge White Nile Sugar Project

Sudan's huge White Nile Project involves the creation of another large scale sugar growing and refining operation, north of the original Kenana site. It is a colossal civil engineering project bringing together the specialist skills of companies from around the world. Read more at the website of Kenana Sugar Company.
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From Sudan Online, Sunday 09 Aug 2009:
Steam Boilers to be installed at site of White Nile Sugar Projects to produce 104 Megawatts
The installation of the first steam boiler at the site of the White Nile Sugar Project has begun Saturday [08 Aug 09] as part of the plan to install 4 steam boilers to produce 104 Megawatt at the cost of 48 million Euros to be funded by the Islamic Development Bank in Jeddah.

In this connection, Director of White Nile Sugar Project Hassan Abdul Rahman Satti addressed the installation occasion explaining that the power that would be generated from these steam boilers will cover the demands of the Sugar Factory, the irrigation projects as well as the residential areas at the site of the project, saying that the surplus will be exported to the national electricity network.

He revealed that the White Nile Sugar project aims at producing some 450,000 tones of white Sugar as well as 100 million liters of Ethanol and 1.5 million tones of processed fodders, explaining that the total cultivated areas of the project are 150,000 feddans (Acres).

Satti explained that the project is funded by the Government of Sudan, Kenana Sugar Company, the Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development as well as the Central Bank and number of local commercial banks.

He revealed existence of loan agreements with the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, OPEC, Saudi Development Fund, Islamic Development Fund and Abu Dhabi Development Fund.

Satti also explained that a regional purse was established to fund a developmental project at the site of the project with 100 million Dollars in which the Bank of Khartoum has contributed in this purse.   Source: SUNA
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