Tuesday, August 11, 2009

S. Sudan: 8th Aug another Twic East County raid, 7 killed

From Sudan Radio Service, Monday 10 August 2009:
Seven Killed in Twic East County Raid
(Bor) – Following an attack on Nyuak payam by raiders from Uror county two weeks ago, bandits have again attacked Lith payam, Twic East county. Seven people were killed and 30 cows were stolen in the raid, which took place on Saturday.

Chol Majok Chol is the SPLM Twic East county secretary who was sent by the state government to asses the situation. He talked to our correspondent Mayom Biar in Bor.

[Chol Majok]: “They attacked one of the cattle camps called Kiir in Lith Payam, Twic East county on 8th August on Saturday night, at 11pm. They attacked the kraal, shooting at animals and people. They killed about 6 people, leaving 5 others injured. Yesterday (Sunday) in the morning, the number again increased because there was more fighting in the eastern part of the county when the youths ran after the cattle. They managed to rescue some of the cattle while one of the youth was killed. The real suspects are people from Uror county because people could hear the language they were speaking.”

Speaking from Bor, our reporter Mayom Biar sent this report on the background to the latest raid.

[Mayom Biar]: “This is the third incident that has occurred in Twic East and Duk county after the signing of the agreement in May this year. Not only the lost of life but the loss of more than 68 cattle will be a big blow to the cattle keepers because this year there is great hunger in the state; people are not cultivating well like last year because many people rely on the cattle for survival. So people will face a lot of hunger this year, according to observers. The Twic East community is calling on the government of the state to provide better security to the people so that they can stay with no fear as the elections approach next year.”
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