SUDAN WATCH: Darfur doctors fired by State for striking to improve food and working conditions

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Darfur doctors fired by State for striking to improve food and working conditions

Report from Sudan Radio Service, 5 October 2009:
Striking Darfur Doctors Fired By State
(Khartoum) - Authorities in South Darfur state have sacked doctors who went on strike last week.

Over 30 doctors went on strike on Thursday after the state ministry failed to pay them their three-month allowances. They also complained about poor working conditions.

Speaking to Sudan Radio Service in Khartoum on Saturday, the Health Minister in South Darfur state, Mohamed Harun, said the doctors were sacked for participating in an illegal strike.

[Mohamed Harun]: “This strike is illegal; if you didn’t get your salary for August does that mean you want two months salary for August and September? we told them to form a committee so that we can work with them. They formed a committee and I met them on Sunday and we agreed. After two days, we paid them their allowances. Then on Wednesday, they wrote another letter saying that they are going on strike on October 1. And because of that we decided to dismiss them.”

One of the doctors who went on strike, Dr Mohamed Omar, told Sudan Radio Service in Khartoum that they took industrial action to pressure the government into improving doctors’ working conditions.

[Mohamed Omar]: “Our aim is to get our incentives. If I say that I don’t have food or even a meal does that mean that I want additional pay? Our problem is food and working conditions. So if the minister said that they have other doctors, then let those doctors come and work.”

Dr Mohamed Omar was speaking to Sudan Radio Service in Khartoum.

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