Thursday, October 22, 2009

South Sudan: World Food Programme gives a bag of sorghum every month to every girl who goes to school

Nice story from Sudan Radio Service, 20 October 2009:
Food For School Scheme Exceeds Expectations in Upper Nile
(Upper Nile) - There is a major increase in the number of girls enrolling in primary schools in Nasir county, Upper Nile state, because they are given food incentives by the World Food Program.

The manager of a community-based organization in Nasir, David Nyang, told Sudan Radio Service on Monday that his organization, the World Food Programme, gives a bag of sorghum every month to every girl who goes to school.

Nyang said most parents in the county are now sending their girls to school.

The head teacher of Dr. Timothy Girls' Primary school, Both Bidong, says his school, the only girls’ school in Nasir county, has enrolled more than 1000 pupils into the school this year.

He said that with the high attendance of pupils this year, the classes are congested.
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UPDATE from Sudan Radio Service, 22 October 2009:
Nasir Authorities Crack Down on Double-Jobbing Teachers
(Nasir county) - The athorities in Nasir county in Upper Nile state say teachers found working for both non–governmental organization and government institutions will be sacked.

Our producer Gabriel Galuak sent this report from Nasir county.

[Gabriel Galuak]: “The deputy commissioner, Philip Duoth Joack accused some teachers of working for NGOs while they are working with the Ministry of Education - that means they are on the government pay roll. Duoth said that the majority of teachers are working for NGOs. He said a teacher should decide to work either for an NGO or for the government. Duoth formed the committee on Thursday to inspect schools to find out which teachers are working for NGOs while they are still on the pay roll of the government. He said once they are found they shall be removed and then they will recruit other teachers in their place.”

One of the teachers, who asked not to be identified, said the amount of money paid by the education authority in the state can’t sustain him and his family.

The majorities of teachers in Nasir county receive 150 USD per month.

Nasir county has a total of 63 secondary and primary schools with only 133 teachers, some of whom are volunteers.

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