SUDAN WATCH: Relief Beads from Darfur - Those look cool. I want one!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Relief Beads from Darfur - Those look cool. I want one!

Relief Beads are handmade from sand by tribes in Africa and are currently being assembled by refugees in Darfur, western Sudan.

Relief Beads handmade in Darfur

Relief Beads especially supports the refugee women making Relief Beads at the Women's Development Center in Darfur and is currently raising funds to provide relief to malnourished children and build a Children's Malnutrition Center. 

From Orange County for Darfur Blog 23 September 2009:
Relief Beads is a grassroots campaign raising awareness and support for Relief International’s humanitarian efforts in Darfur. Founded in 2007, Relief Beads has raised tens of thousands of dollars, which has provided life-saving relief for thousands of refugees. Each Relief Beads bracelet truly makes a difference!

Contributions raised by Relief Beads aided in the construction of the only Women’s Development Center in Darfur. The center is a place where women and children victimized by the crisis are able to get professional medical and psychological support. Relief Beads bracelets are assembled by the women at the center and this provides them with an invaluable opportunity to contribute to their own livelihoods.

Relief Beads is also currently raising funds to build a Children’s Malnutrition Center at the second largest refugee camp in Darfur, Zam Zam.

Please vist the website at  to learn more about this wonderful organization the work they’re doing to help IDP’s in Darfur, and to order bracelets for yourself and your friends!
Here's agreeing with the comment posted at Orange County for Darfur Blog on September 30, 2009: "Those look cool. I want one!"



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