SUDAN WATCH: 15,000 job vacancies for southern Sudanese in North - News from Sudan Radio Service for 28 Jan - 01 Feb

Monday, February 01, 2010

15,000 job vacancies for southern Sudanese in North - News from Sudan Radio Service for 28 Jan - 01 Feb

15,000 Job Vacancies For Southern Sudanese In North
Report by SRS - Sudan Radio Service, Monday, 01 February 2010:
(Khartoum) - The National Civil Service Commission has disclosed that there are about 15,000 vacancies for southern Sudanese within ministries in the Government of National Unity which need to be filled.

In an interview with SRS in Khartoum on Sunday, the Chairman of the National Civil Service Commission, Prof. Moses Macar Kacual explains how the twenty percent quota stipulated in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement has been allocated to Southern Sudan.

[Prof. Moses Macar Kacual]: “The twenty percent quota represents about 13 to 15 thousand vacancies and we were wondering where we were going to get qualified people from southern Sudan to fill these vacancies. But when we sent 1000 applicants to the ministries, we found that some departments hesitated to recruit these people. The Council of Ministers met on 6th January and we discussed this issue and they instructed the departments to recruit these people and we are now waiting for the response to the request that these people should be employed. This is what we are waiting for.”

Prof. Macar disclosed that about 600 qualified southern Sudanese from 1000 applicants for jobs in the National Civil Service have not taken up their duties due to difficulties created by various departments in the different ministries.

[Prof. Moses Macar Kacual]: “We were supposed to announce the second recruitment phase because our brothers from southern Sudan are hesitating to come. When they heard that the President of the Republic had endorsed the first batch, people realized that the scheme was serious and they submitted applications before we could announce them. I have about 2000 applications so far but I suspended them because I want to see to it that the first 1000 applicants are recruited so that we can review our statistics to see how many vacancies are left in each department. After that we can announce the second batch.”

Prof. Macar said that according to the twenty percent quota, southern Sudanese are supposed to be employed in twenty-eight federal ministries with the exception of the Ministry of Defense and the Interior Ministry. This is because southern Sudan has its own army and its own police force.
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News from Sudan Radio Service for 28 Jan - 01 Feb 2010

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