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ICC Haskanita: URF's Bahar Idriss Abu-Garda dismisses Sudan Tribune report

Speaking to Sudan Radio Service (SRS) on Monday, 01 February 2010, from Doha in Qatar, URF Commander Bahar Idriss Abu-Garda described a report by Sudan Tribune as inaccurate. The report in question (from Washington, Monday, 30 January 2010, entitled "Two Darfur rebel commanders expected to appear before ICC next week: sources") was published at Sudan Tribune on Sunday, 31 January 2010. Read more here below.

AMIS peacekeepers slain at Haskanita

AMIS peacekeepers slain at Haskanita

Photo: Troops stand behind the coffins of Nigerian peacekeepers killed in Darfur during a funeral ceremony in Abuja October 5, 2007 (Reuters) Credit: Photo and caption from Sudan Tribune report, 31 Jan 2010.

Here is a copy of the report by SRS dated Tuesday, 02 February 2010:
Abu-Garda Dismisses Reports of ICC Summonses in Haskanita Case
(Doha) - The leader of the Darfur anti-government movement, the United Resistance Front, Bahar Idriss Abu-Garda, has dismissed allegations that two commanders of Darfur movements have been summoned by the International Criminal Court.
On Sunday, the Sudan Tribune reported that two Darfur rebel commanders charged with masterminding an attack on African Union peacekeepers in Haskanita in 2007 will appear before the international court.

According to the report, the names of the two rebels have not been disclosed but they are believed to be Abdallah Bandah, from the United Resistance Front, led by Abu-Garda and Saleh Jarbo Jamous, from JEM.

Speaking to SRS on Monday from Doha in Qatar, Bahar Idriss Abu-Garda described the report as inaccurate.

[Abu-Garda]: “This information is not true; I dismissed it in an interview with the Arabian TV channel. The only party that can summon these people is the ICC, up until now they didn’t announce anything or even decide to do so. You can’t know anything till the court announces. You remember in the past before I went to the court, several names were mentioned, at that time they were saying Commander X, sometimes Commander Alsasi, these talks were many, but they all turned out to be just suppositions.”

Abu-Garda voluntarily appeared before the ICC in connection with the assault on AU peacekeepers in 2007 that left 12 soldiers dead. [end of SRS report]
Also, here is a copy of the first six comments at Sudan Tribune's report (see above) entitled "Two Darfur rebel commanders expected to appear before ICC next week: sources". Note, the five words in the first comment that I have highlighted in red.

31 January 05:48, by Nuer and Equatoria Dominated SAF & Malitias
They are supposed to be killed, what type of peace they are keeping besides bringing their sex presitution looking for only ladies for sex and comsuming alcohol. Soon more will be killed.
- - -

31 January 08:32, by Time1
The Darfur rebels are ready to clear their name and they have nothing to hide, however Omer bashir should also be brave and appear in c ourt to clear his name, if he thinks he is really innocent then he should have nothing to be afraid of.but Omer bashir clearly knows that he is a war criminal that is why he does not want to stand trail.
- - -

31 January 14:00, by Wed Deng
If those two commanders are to be taken to ICC, there will be no law because the Bashir is now here with Us and he has killed thousands of people while peacekeepers were around. I hope they are bribed by Bashir.
- - -

31 January 10:45, by Time1
There is no law and order in the north Sudan? look at the mismanagement in Darfur? or in the east? the political crisis and intimidation of opposition in Khartoum and centre? or in the occupation of Halayeeb? First of all there is no freedom for opposition in north Sudan, no freedom of press, frequent arrests of oppositions and killing of darfurians.

This are the main point obstructing peace in Sudan:

1-Omer bashir committed war crimes in Darfur, muslims massacring muslims in Darfur, you Arabs discriminate against black africans of Darfur even when they are muslims, war still in Darfur and central Sudan, where is the peace in the north, are you dreaming to make you feel better?

2-The president of north Sudan is the only serving president in the whole continent who has been charge with war crimes and genocide, he is wanted by ICC and is a fugitive of international justice, does that show a good image of the Arabs in north Sudan?

2-you are already int he US lists of Terrorists states,you sponsor bin ladin, you support LRA in terrorist rebels, you support al shabab in Somali and islamic rebels in ethiopia, i do not see north sudan coming off that lists very soon.

4-What oil does north sudan have, currently? let not talk about oil that north will have in the future, because everyone will have oil in the future, but currently north sudan depends 90 of its budget on oil which is 50% of oil from south sudan, everybody know Sudans oil is in the south, in uppernile and unity states the major oil producing states in Sudan, north sudan has no oil, when south sudan seperates we will see that big mouth of having oil in north sudan, the fact is north Sudan is dependent on south Sudans oil currently.

5- North is a dictatorial system, one party states run by NCP since 1989, everybody knows north Sudan is run by a dictator and an ICC war crimnal, there is no democracy in north sudan, the Hardline Islamic cultuure mixed with Hardline Arab culture does not allow for democratic and sercular systems of governance in north Sudan.

Until north Sudan change its culture of hardline islamic believe mixed with hardline Arabic culture, they will not move forward.
- - -

31 January 11:28, by jur_likang_a_ likan’g
The UN Secretary General should be duty bound to uphold the 1948 Universal declaration of Human Rights in order for him to maintain the work ethics of this global esteemed office. I strongly urge Mr Ban Ki Moon to withdraw his statement on the Independence of South Sudan.

It should be noted that the results of self-determination of South Sudan referendum should be the determining factor for the future of South Sudan and only South Sudanese will solely be responsible for that by their votes when it comes to the time. Non participants in this referendum should not make unnecessary comments that cause insecurity in South Sudan. Specifically those people who hold high offices in UN, EU and AU should not make irresponsible statements on matters concerning 2005 CPA. This agreement is a testimony that the world pointed that the war in South Sudan should halt and the future of the land belongs to the inhabitants of this part of the globe that has known nothing other that dehumanisation, dealienation and neglect by the so-called national leaders who actually run a government of the few.

Two Darfur rebel commanders expected to appear before ICC next week: sources
31 January 12:43, by Shadrack Nuer Machut
Why is the ICC tempting every issue without quick and positive reactions? It is not a matter of calling everybody but it matters a lot to intervene possibly.
- - -

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