SUDAN WATCH: Sudan news round-up - CPA partners hand post referendum arrangements to African Union

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Sudan news round-up - CPA partners hand post referendum arrangements to African Union

The two partners to the accord dubbed as the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, signed five years ago to end one of the longest civil wars on the African soil, have agreed to handover the post-referendum issues and arrangements to the African Union’s High Implementation Panel for Sudan, says government’s official spokesman.

From Sudan Tribune by Ngor Arol Garang - (ALEK) Wed, 29 June 2010:
Sudan’s CPA partners hand post referendum arrangements to AU
Dr. Marial Benjamin Bil, a key member of the SPLM and a minister of information in the regional government of Southern Sudan, in an interview with Sudan Tribune from Juba, confirmed the consensus reached by the two parties to involve AU mediators on post-referendum arrangements between the two parties.

The two partners have resolved to involve AU and IGAD in the discussions, said minister Marial, expressing commitment of his party to peaceful settlement of the post referendum issues.

“SPLM is committed to taking part in fair and impartial discussions with the National Congress [Party] by anybody. We are actually accustomed to peaceful dialogue as best way to resolve differences in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement over the past years,” he said.

The leadership of the two parties had carried out lengthy and brainstorming discussions over the post-referendum issues and arrangements which started last year between Southern Sudan Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar and Sudan’s Vice President, Ali Osman Taha.

The reaching of a consensus that allows African Union (AU) play a key role in discussions between the two regions after a conduct of Southern Sudan referendum, which is widely expected to result to secession of Southern Sudan, is viewed by many as the best alternative to break the deadlock.

Others however see it as imposed foreign initiatives which may not be honored by the Sudanese stakeholders.

The consensus reached between the peace partners on Thursday 23, June, in the Ethiopian town of Mekele, shall be facilitated by AU’s High-level Implementation Panel for Sudan supported by IGAD, the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development and a regional grouping, the IGAD partners’ forum as well as the UN.
Hat tip: Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan, Washington D.C.

Sudan news from The New York Times -

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