Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Arab League meeting July 26 to discuss Darfur relief aid

The Arab League called Tuesday for a region-wide meeting next month in Cairo to seek ways to provide aid to Darfur.

The 22-member states of the Arab League said the meeting July 26 will bring together member countries, aid groups and others to discuss ways of ending the inhumane conditions in Darfur.

UNICEF, which has received only 16% of the funding it requested for Darfur this year, has stopped some educational programs, cut back on supplies for its childhood malnutrition programs and stopped measles vaccinations for children. - AP/ST June 6, 2006.

Apr 10 2006 Gulf countries and their charities not publicised enough: UN's Jan Egeland says the Gulf region was among the most generous in the world. They are excellent at providing water and sanitation, very effective and quick. All the important work that the Gulf countries and their various charities are doing is not well enough recognized, in particular in the West."

May 17 2006 Translators needed in Darfur to help AU build trust - More "Mama Rosa's" needed too please!

Jun 5 2006 Arab League supports Joint AU-UN Mission in Darfur and calls on Arabs and Muslims outside Sudan to back DPA

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