Friday, June 09, 2006

Staunch American liberal interventionist rethinks Darfur after reading David Rieff"s "Moral Blindness: The Case Against Troops for Darfur"

Excerpt from blog entry at Voices on Genocide Prevention June 7, 2006:
Anne-Marie Slaughter has a rather unsettling blog entry at TPM Cafe. She's the Dean of the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton and widely regarded as a brilliant thinker on international relations. But in this entry she states that although she previously has supported NATO intervention in Darfur, David Rieff's recent piece in the New Republic gave her pause. He pointed out some of the complexities involved in Western intervention, leading her to conclude that "we need to rethink where and how we apply that pressure" on the Government of Sudan.
Excerpt from blog entry Rethinking Darfur by Anne-Marie Slaughter:
I have been a staunch liberal interventionist on issues like Darfur. Lee, Ivo and I all participated (with Tod Lindberg) on the working group of the 2005 UN-US Task Force charged with looking at policy toward Darfur and all strongly recommended a UN Resolution authorizing NATO support of AU efforts and failing that, direct NATO intervention. I have also been a strong supporter of Nick Kristoff's repeated calls for action.

But two items in the last week have given me pause. First is from David Rieff, whom John and I have debated before on this site. David has a strong and thought-provoking piece in the The New Republic entitled "Moral Blindness."
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May 28 2006 Moral Blindness: The Case Against Troops for Darfur (by David Rieff) - and "How to avoid another Iraqi quagmire in Sudan."

May 31 2006 Sudan Watch Nasty Eric 'insurgent loving' Reeves uses his poison pen to hurl insults at David Rieff (and everyone else except the rebels)

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