Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Security situation in Darfur, Western Sudan, 12 Jan 2010 - UNAMID/UNMIS begins assistance with electoral nomination process

Media brief from the United Nations – African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) 12 Jan 2010, El Fasher, Darfur, Western Sudan - via APO 13 Jan 2010:
Security situation in Darfur

The security situation in Darfur remains relatively calm but unpredictable.

UNAMID military forces conducted 90 patrols including routine, short range, long range, night, and Humanitarian escort patrols, thereby covering 83 villages and Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps during the reporting period.

UNAMID police advisors also conducted 92 patrols in villages and IDP camps.

UNAMID/UNMIS begins assistance with electoral nomination process

The UNAMID/UNMIS Electoral Assistance Division today announced the opening of the nomination period for the upcoming Sudanese elections. The announcement comes on the heels of yesterday’s publication of the final voters’ list, which contained more than 2.4 million voters out of an estimated 3.6 million eligible voters from Darfur.

The 10-day filing window allows for political parties and independent candidates to file qualification papers and is followed by a challenge period.

Voters go the polls in April 2010 to elect Presidents of the Republic of Sudan and the Government of Southern Sudan, a National and State Assembly, and Governors within Sudan’s 25 states.

The joint team of 20 UN mission staff in Darfur is tasked with providing technical and logistical support to the National Electoral Commission of Sudan.
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