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SPLM/A defector George Athor Deng threatens to fight to topple Government of Southern Sudan

Last April, southern Sudan officials confirmed that George Athor Deng, a defeated candidate and former Lt. General and Deputy Chief of General Staff for Moral Orientation in the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA), who had contested as independent candidate for governorship of the region’s largest state of Jonglei, was behind a deadly assault on the army’s military barrack of Doleib Hills area near the Upper Nile state’s capital, Malakal on April 30th. Click on Athor label here below for further details.

SPLA Renegade Athor Threatens To Disrupt Referendum
Source: SRS - Sudan Radio Service
Date: Tuesday, 17 August 2010. Full copy:
(Jonglei) – The renegade SPLA General George Athor has threatened to disrupt the referendum process in southern Sudan if the SPLM refuses to talk peace with him later this month.

General Athor rebelled after he lost in the April elections demanding a re-run of the elections for the governorship of Jonglei state.

Speaking to SRS in an exclusive interview on Monday from Jonglei state, General Athor said his attempts to seek peace have proved futile.

[George Athor]: “Referendum will not take place if am outside and others are outside. And if he [Salva] is dreaming that referendum will take place it will never. It will need unity of all southern Sudanese. So let us talk before the end of August, if August goes then I believe the referendum will go. And I am one among the people who will really fight to topple this government and not think to talk to them again because they have wasted what we have fought for, for almost 23 years. So my appeal to all southern Sudanese, let them tell Salva that he shouldn’t let us lose this chance, let us try to solve this problem, amicably before time.”

Last Sunday the SPLA captured a helicopter at Faluj Airstrip in Upper Nile state claiming that those on board were senior officers allied to the renegade General Athor.

In the interview Athor admitted that the captured helicopter was carrying some of his political allies, but denied that there were military officers allied to his group.

[George Athor]: “They captured rebels? Where are their uniforms, where are all the things that can indicate that this people are military people. They were only civilians. They were people assisting me; most of them are drivers, and others. One of them was the former commissioner of Khor-Fulus county. He was my campaign manager in northern Jonglei state. So when we were attacked at Khor-Fulus, they ran to Fangak county and hid there and they got a chance on a helicopter that was coming with relief to Fangak. They then boarded the helicopter then when the helicopter landed in Faluj they were apprehended, tortured and they are now in Juba.”

Attempts by SRS to reach the SPLM for reaction, were fruitless.
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News from SRS - Sudan Radio Service:

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Further Reading

Khalil Ibrahim, who took part in talks with Slovenian President Janez Drnovsek on Wednesday, told the Slovenian public broadcaster that his Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) would seek independence if there was no peace in Darfur.

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Sudan Watch - July 25, 2006:
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UNAMID JSR meets with SLM leader Abdul Wahid Al-Nur in Paris, France - excerpt re H.E. Dr. Luka Biong Deng meeting with Cdr. Abdul Wahid Al-Nur, 22 July 2008, Washington, DC:
SPLM is our strategic Ally; SLM is not competing with the SPLM. The SPLM is the leading force for change in Sudan, and we need to remain allies”, said Chairman Abdul Whaid Al-Nur. He stressed the need for discussions between the two movements around the SPLM Roadmap for Darfur in order to settle points of difference to begin a process of cooperation and coordination between two movements. Cdr. Al-Nur also emphasized the importance of the establishment of direct channels of communication between the respective Leadership of the SLM and SPLM.
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