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Sudan's ex SLA rebel leader Minni Minnawi signed Darfur Peace Agreement security deal on Saturday, 30 Oct. 2010

Minni Arcua Minnawi signs Darfur Peace Agreement

Photo (from Sudan Watch archive): Rebel Sudan Liberation Army (SLA) faction leader Minni Arcua Minnawi signs a deal with the Sudanese government in the Nigerian capital Abuja May 5, 2006, after days and nights of intense talks under global pressure. The government of Sudan and the main Darfur rebel faction signed a peace agreement on Friday to end three years of fighting that has killed many thousands of people and forced 2 million to flee their homes. (Reuters/STR)
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Commissioner for Security Arrangements Arrives in Al-Fasher to Implement Arrangements with Menawi Movement
Source: SUNA -
Date: Thursday, 28 October 2010:
(Al-Fasher) - The Commissioner for the Security Arrangements, Gen. Mohamed Ahmed Mustafa Al-Dabi, has affirmed that the commission has reached at joint vision with the Sudan Liberation Movement, Mini Arko Mennawi faction, to meet in Al-Fasher in order to commence adopting the arrangements necessary for including the elements of the movement in the security arrangements, in accordance with Darfur peace agreement.

In a press statements he made upon his arrival at Al-Fasher, the capital of North Darfur State, Gen. Al-Dabi said that although four years and a half have passed since the signing of Darfur peace agreement, which stipulated implementation of the security arrangements in a two-year period, the government remained leading continuous dialogue with Menawi movement for the implementation of the security arrangements' clause for for the interest of the homeland and peace.

He said that the remaining period of the agreement does not exceed half a year, a matter that necessitates speeding up the steps to absorb the forces of the movement in the security arrangements.

Meanwhile, the Director of the Technical Department at the Commission, Maj. Abdalla Hassan Al-Amin, explained that his department was ready to implement the security arrangements for Menawi forces, adding that the meeting of Gen. Al-Dabi with the Chief of Staff at Menawi movement in Al-Fasher Thursday comes with the aim to determine and implement the security arrangements as soon as possible.
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Agreement on security arrangements reached to finalize Abuja peace deal
Source: SUNA -
Date: Saturday, 30 October 2010:
(Al Fashir) - Security Arrangement Commission and Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM)/Minnawi faction on Saturday signed document finalizing security arrangements as provided in Darfur Peace Agreement reached by Sudan Government of the Movement in May, 2006 in Abuja, Nigeria.

Commissioner of Security Arrarngments, Gen Muhamed Ahmed Mustafa Al Dabi in the Transitional Darfur Regional Authority and Chairman of SLM Chief of Staff, Muhamedain Adam Bashr Members of Security Arrangements Commission, representatives of the Army and leader of the Movement attended the signed.

Gen Al Dabi stressed the keenness of the two sides to finalize the security arrangements, hoping that the move would lead to further stability in the region.

The Commission will begin implementing the arrangements according to the timetable set November 15th in favour of the two sides, he said.

Adam Salih Abaker, SLM Spokesman SLM has been keen on the ceasefire as stipulated by Abuja Peace Agreement and support to the security organs in the states.

The Director of Integration Maj Gen Abdallah Hassan Al Ami has said Security arrangements was the backbone of Abuja deal.
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Darfur peace partner seals security arrangements deal with the Sudanese government
Source: Sudan Tribune -
Date: Sunday 31 October 2010:
October 30, 2010 (KHARTOUM) – The Sudanese government and the Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) headed by Minni Minnawi signed a security arrangements deal in North Darfur capital of El-Fasher today to more than four years after both sides signed the Darfur Peace Agreement (DPA) in Abuja.

The delay prevented Minnawi from running in last April’s general elections. He has also yet to retain his position as the senior presidential assistant which he acquired following the DPA.

Sudan official news agency (SUNA) quoted the commissioner for security arrangements at the executive transitional authority of Darfur Lieutenant General Mohamed Mustafa Al-Dabi as saying that the accord demonstrates the determination by both sides to make this the culmination of what was achieved through DPA.

He expressed hope that this would pave the way for peace and stability in Darfur and revealed that the implementation will start in mid-November in accordance with the timetable mutually agreed on between the government and the SLM-Minnawi.

Commander Adam Saleh Abakr told SUNA that they have been keen on making this agreement a reality and will work on getting it implemented as quickly as possible.

Sources in Khartoum say that Minnawi, who has recently moved to Juba, has been reluctant all these years to sign it because he wanted the government to implement a number of provisions in the DPA that he believes Khartoum has been foot-dragging on.

Minnawi persistently accused Khartoum of ignoring the terms of the DPA and has appeared unhappy over being excluded from peace talks with other major rebel groups of SLM-Nur and the Justice and Equality Movement.

SUNA did not provide details of the agreement but it includes integration of Minnawi’s forces into the army after determining their numbers and medical fitness. (ST)
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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
Suliman Arcua Minnawi known as "Minni" (born 1968 in Furawiyya, North Darfur) is the leader of the what once was the largest faction of the Sudanese Liberation Army until it was weakened by dissention and infighting. A former school teacher, Minnawi was the secretary of Sudan Liberation Army leader Abdul Wahid Nur, before the organization split in 2004.

Under Minnawi's leadership, his SLA faction signed a peace agreement, known as the May agreement, with the Khartoum government in May 2006. Nevertheless, fighting has continued with Minnawi's group fighting other SLA factions. In July 2006, fighting broke out around the northern Darfur town Korma, resulting in the deaths of at least 80 people. [2] Minnawi was appointed the top Sudanese official in the Darfur region, as chairman of the Transitional Darfur Regional Authority, and is technically the fourth ranking member of the Presidency, as Senior Assistant to the President of the Republic but has been progessively shut out from power by his "peace partners" of the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) of President Omar al-Bashir. Minnawi belongs to the Ila Digen (or Awlad Digayn) clan of the non-Arab Zaghawa people.

On September 14, 2006, Minnawi broke ranks with the Sudanese government when he stated that he does not object to the new UN peacekeeping force detailed in UNSC Resolution 1706. [3]

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