SUDAN WATCH: Deadly road home to West Darfur - Spotlight on Darfur 1

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Deadly road home to West Darfur - Spotlight on Darfur 1

Deadly road home

Photo: Sadiya Ibrahim walks for five hours from the displaced persons' camp she lives in to cultivate her land in Jerban, 22km north of El-Geneina in West Darfur, Sudan. (AP Photo/Tanalee Smith)

See Deadly road home report at South African News 24, Aug 30 2005.

Note, the report says 68 households fled to Dorti - 64 of them have returned temporarily this year to work their fields. Also:
"The situation still remains far from ideal," said Filippo Rossi, a protection officer with the UN refugee agency who focuses helping villagers return to their homes in West Darfur. "At least this year the people are taking some initiative to resume their lives, going home for cultivation. The courage is there."

UNHCR says about 20,000 people have returned permanently to their villages in West Darfur in the last 15 months, although more than 700,000 people remain displaced in this state on the border with Chad."
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And The Darfur Collection

Last May, Catez Stevens at Allthings2all in New Zealand kindly put together The Darfur Collection.

Now, Catez is initiating and hosting Spotlight on Darfur 1 starting September 1. It will feature posts on the current Darfur situation from various bloggers. If you are a blogger and would like to send in a post for inclusion in the Spotlight on Darfur please email Catez for details.

Eugene Oregon at Coalition for Darfur helpfully writes Reminder: Spotlight on Darfur 1.

Note, Catez is planning a regular series of Spotlight on Darfur. If you have missed Darfur 1, there is still plenty of time to prepare a post for Spotlight on Darfur 2 or 3 or 4 ...



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