Friday, August 12, 2005

Egyptian peacekeeping forces leave for Darfur, Sudan

China View report August 12 confirms a group of 29 Egyptian officers left for Khartoum late today (Friday) to join African Union peacekeeping forces in Darfur, the official MENA news agency reported.

This was the first group of Egyptian officers to take part in peacekeeping mission in Darfur.
"The peacekeeping mission has been mandated with monitoring and verifying a ceasefire agreement, helping to set up a program for disarmament, demobilization and reintegration of former combatants as well as promoting national reconciliation and human rights."
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Darfur rebels trying to postpone peace talks ... again

Sudanese government August 12 rejected African Union's decision to postpone Darfur peace talks set to resume August 24.

Postponement of the talks gives rise to about rebels' commitment to the talks.
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UN WFP feeds 3.2 million people in Sudan in 2005

August 12 emergency report by UN's World Food Programme (WFP) says the security situation in Sudan following the death of John Garang has affected WFP deliveries as certain logistical hubs were closed during the week:
"Commodities allocated for the Khartoum warehouse were re-routed to El Obeid. In spite of this, WFP managed to despatch an average of 1,350 tons per day during the first week of August.

In Chad, WFP completes food distributions in southern and central camps, with full rations of 2,070 Kcal/person/day."
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UN News Centre August 12 reports WFP is increasing its assistance and providing aid for an additional 267,000 people in the Sudan from June to September:
"More than halfway through the year, WFP has 55 per cent of the $302 million needed to feed 3.2 million people in Sudan in 2005, leaving a shortfall of $137 million, or 45 per cent. by UN News Centre August 12, 2005."
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UPDATE Aug 13: Khaleej Times says a plane load of relief supplies sent by the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Charitable and Humanitarian Foundation to the city of El Fashir in Darfur, where torrential rains have destroyed more than 200 houses and left several dead, will land in Darfur today:
"The C-130 plane was carrying nearly 10 tonnes of necessary relief aid such as blankets, tents and clothes in addition to insecticide spraying gear.

The Al Zubair Charity Organisation will distribute the relief aid to people in the most affected parts of Al Fashir. Bu Melha said the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Charitable and Humanitarian Foundation had reacted immediately to calls from Sudanese government foundations to help the victims of the torrential rains."
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UN Dispatch Blog - Posts on the UN: Blog Roundup

Posts on the UN

See UN Dispatch August 9, 2005 Blog Roundup #37 for a sampling of United Nations related blog commentary.
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World Emergency Relief UK

World Emergency Relief UK (WER UK) is funding humanitarian relief and healthcare work in southern Sudan. Reuters reports WER has shipped approximately 30 tons of humanitarian relief goods, including healthcare packs and food, to southern Sudan in the last few months.

WER and its partner All Nations Christian Care are also assisting with seeds and tools for farmers and are developing agricultural programmes. Report excerpts:

World Emergency Relief UK

"Healthcare facilities in many southern Sudanese communities are minimal and medical supplies are limited.

Ikotos in Southern Sudan is four days walk to reach the nearest electricity or telephone. Healthcare facilities in Ikotos are minimal and the only medical supplies available are those that have been provided by WER and two other relief organisations. Patients' chances of survival are further reduced by the lack of transport in the area. Medical facilities with surgical capacity are often hours or days away.

Consultation and treatment is free. Doctors and nurses are paid in firewood.

WER works in southern Sudan in partnership with African Nations Christian Care (ANCC) and Africa Inland Church (AIC) and has also provided humanitarian relief to Darfur."
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Darfur youth idle, neglected

August 12 report by IRIN concludes by saying:
"Adolescents are a relatively small but very important group and if we don't do anything for them, it might become a large problem."
Darfur youth idle, neglected

Photo: Hamida Abdel Shafi, 17, a youth living in Kalma IDP camp in Darfur, western Sudan. (IRIN)
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Sudan dancing

Mica, in her blog entries "Sudan dancing" and "Going Rates" explains she has a friend called David who works in Africa for the UN. In the posts, Mica links to audio of a conversation they had in NYC.

Note, David talked to Mica about the new job he started organizing and implementing a demilitarizaion effort in Sudan.

Sudan dancing

Photo via Mica at Hello?: Sudan
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Blown Away by Blogpulse

Ethan, in his recent post on Blogpulse, says if you are interested in who is looking at your blog, or a blog you are a fan of, Blogpulse's new tools are certainly worth a close look. He explains "Sources" lists outgoing links, and "Neighborhood" matches one's blog up with other blogs that have links or terms in common.

Thanks Ethan. Blogpulse showed UN Dispatch blog (see above) linking to Sudan Watch. Seems Technorati has not yet logged the link.

Please bookmark Ethan's blog. He has too many frequently great posts on Africa and technology to list here.


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