SUDAN WATCH: Map of Islamic Training Camp located near Khartoum, Sudan

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Map of Islamic Training Camp located near Khartoum, Sudan


Zone Interdite publishes above [not dated] map pinpointing the location of an Islamic Training Camp near Khartoum. According to the website:
Sudan set up training camps for African militants on the Ethiopian border and cooperated in overthrowing the Marxist regime in Addis Ababa in May 1991. Camps for training Arabs were located outside Port Sudan and Khartoum. In early May 1990, some 60 Arabs from North Africa, France, and Belgium began to train in the Shambat district of Khartoum.

Islamic veterans, many Pakistani and Saudi from the war in Afghanistan immigrated into the Sudan. In 1991 Osama Bin Ladin settled in the Riyadh distric in Khartoum acting as a businessman and investor conducting many camps which trained Islamic fighters.
Also, Zone Interdite points to a CNN report dated August 22, 1998 in which Sudanese president al-Bashir is quoted as saying:
"America is attacking us because we are guardians of Islam," el-Bashir said. "We have tasted the sweet flavor of jihad (holy war) and martyrdom, and what we seek now is to die for the sake of God."

Photo: "A herd of camels blocking the road on my bus ride from Khartoum to Port Sudan. Note the road was built by Osama Bin Laden." (Photo and caption by Douglas Long)

See Sudan Watch Jan 29, 2006 Islamic jihad groups creating camps in Chad.
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1996-1999: Uganda backed Sudan's SPLM/A so Khartoum retaliated by arming Uganda's LRA

See Uganda Watch 12 February 2006.

Note May 21, 2006 Sudanese govt still supporting Ugandan rebel group LRA.


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