SUDAN WATCH: Fast for Darfur 5 Oct 2006

Monday, October 02, 2006

Fast for Darfur 5 Oct 2006

On October 5, students and notable fasters such as Don Cheadle, Nicholas Kristof, members of the cast of "The West Wing" and more in STAND's DarfurFast pledge to give up one luxury item for the day and donate the money they would have spent toward civilian protection in Darfur. [via via Darfur Alert]

Fasting for Darfur

Another new site: Florida Darfur Coalition

UPDATE: God bless American activisit Jay McGinley and his new blog DARFUR Dying for Heroes.


Blogger Jay McGinley said...


A new blog has been created as one last effort to help people rise up in a way that is fully appropriate in the face of genocide. It is called DARFUR: Dying for Heroes

Two points of focus are:
1. Providing role models - Heroes - that others can follow. Sudan Watch is listed among the heroes for its day in, day out, month after month service.
2. Provide access to ongoing activities.
3. To announce and promose a RESCUE-DARFUR-FAST-TILL-IT-ENDS.

God bless you your ongoing fight for Darfur. If worthy, I pray for your support for this new blog, and for a worldwide, grass roots FAST-TILL-IT-STOPS. Nothing less will stop the genocide. Right?

Jay McGinley

Tuesday, October 03, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This whole thing is just another attempt by certain elements in American society and abroad to continue their anti-Muslim, anti-Arab and oil mongering campaign. Back to the playbook they go, when America sent CIA and arms under the cover of the Peace Corp in the same region. The U.S. government and their "Save Darfur" propagandists have the temerity to even bring race into the equation, but only by lying. The vast majority of the people are Black Arabic speaking Muslims and Black Muslims that speak tribal languages. The remaining small groups of animist and Christians in the very south of the country had been living without the attention of America or the majority of Sudanese until America saw its evil little opening, using drop offs of food and guns to its supported militia groups in the hunger ravaged Congo (where America and Western Europe has just finished creating genocide to keep its hands on that nations resources) to entice them across the border to augment the population. This is a man made crisis and America and its satellite buddy in the Middle East that need not be named, is using "crisis" as an excuse to send in their people or their little trained African mercenaries parading as "peace keepers". The argument used is that the crisis is more important than sovereignty. If that is the case then let's have some nations come and take over our ghettos and claim Louisiana as their new mandate. Next thing you know this blog will be worried about Zimbabweans hungry from sanctions because that evil dictator man took some of the white colonists’ plantations away to give to those awful negroes. Word to the wise- check who started this campaign and who is pushing it. We have killed and destroyed enough for these people, it is time to stop. You know there are millions of slaves in Central and South America, India and Southeast Asia, and in sweatshops here in our own backyard, living in slavery, being raped and brutally treated, starving and all for our economic benefit. What AIPAC, big oil or big business didn't tell you?!

Saturday, March 31, 2007  

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